Justin Timberlake And Olivia Wilde Left The SNL Afterparty Together!

justin timberlake and olivia wilde afterparty it up

You can’t deny it forever…

Last we heard about rumored Justin Timberlake/Olivia Wilde romance, JT’s rep was saying that the two are JUST FRIENDS, and we were NOT convinced.

Then we heard that the two were seen partying with Mila Kunis at last weekend’s SNL afterparty, “chatting” the night away and then leaving the party “at the same time.”

Now we’re hearing that JT and Olivia did, in fact, leave the event TOGETHER.

Here’s what a source had to say about it:

“They weren’t really flirting but they left together. There were other people with them when they left, but something tells me they are more than friends.”

The evidence is piling up. At this point, we’ll be pret-ty surprised if we find out that nothing’s going between on these two.

Do U still think there’s any chance that Justin and Olivia are just friends?

[Images via WENN.]

May 24, 2011 11:40am PDT