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Savannah Chrisley Confirms She Blocked Sister Lindsie From Parents' Appeal Hearing -- And Then Twists The Knife! OUCH!

Savannah Chrisley Confirms She Blocked Sister Lindsie From Parents' Appeal Hearing -- And Then Twists The Knife! OUCH!

Savannah Chrisley really didn’t want her estranged half-sister Lindsie at her parents’ appeals hearings in Georgia last week — and she made that VERY clearly known.

In this week’s episode of her Southern Tea podcast, Lindsie was the first to reveal that dynamic. She shared her shock at the in-fighting going on between half-sisters as their parents Todd and Julie Chrisley continue to try to battle their federal prison sentences on bank fraud and tax evasion charges!

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Pics taken from the courthouse last week caught people’s attention because 34-year-old Lindsie — who Todd shares with his ex-wife Teresa Terry — was NOT in attendance. That threw Chrisley Knows Best fans for a loop on social media! But there was a reason for it! As Lindsie explained on her pod this week, the Sassy By Savannah mogul was the one who stepped in and barred her from showing up at the Georgia courthouse last Friday:

“I was not in attendance. I know a lot people were saying from the footage that they saw from the courthouse that they did not see me there, and that’s because I was not there. I do feel that it was in the best interest for me and everyone else.”

Lindsie revealed the jaw-dropping details of Savannah wanting nothing to do with her — and threatening her with consequences if she showed up:

“My sister privately let the message get to us that she did not want us present at the hearing. And it was shared with me that if we were there, there would be issues and that we would be asked to leave. … It’s mind-blowing to me, the control and manipulation. It very much alarms me and I’m just going to leave it at that.”


Pretty dramatic, right? Well, it gets WORSE! In response to Lindsie’s new Southern Tea show (which you can listen to in full HERE), Savannah took to her Instagram Stories earlier this week with her own version of the drama! During a Q&A sesh with fans, the 26-year-old explained that she did indeed send Lindsie the message not to attend, and had it relayed through their grandmother Nanny Faye Chrisley. Sav continued:

“I most certainly told her privately to not attend. I told her that she was not wanted, that my dad did not want her there and that he didn’t care to have a relationship with her. So, I said all of these things. I am more than happy that I said them and it’s my parents’ appeal. They have the right to say who they want there and who they don’t.”

Confirmed! But even THAT wasn’t the end! Savannah went on to slam Lindsie for her alleged cooperation with the FBI and federal prosecutors in getting their parents locked up in the first place! As we reported in December of 2022, Lindsie had indeed been in contact with the FBI about Todd. For Sav, that was a bridge too far. Savannah used that as the particularly damning reason for why she wants NOTHING to do with her estranged half-sis:

“And with her involvement with the government, my parents didn’t want her there. She had involvement and she has threatened to sue me, that’s fine because there’s nothing that I’m saying that cannot be backed up via the court records. The FBI read off a letter Lindsie wrote to them in court, so yes, she’s correct, I didn’t want her to attend.”

In the end, the Unlocked host wrapped her courthouse ban confirmation with a touch of podcast-to-podcast shade:

“So, God bless her and she should probably worry about her own disastrous life, before discussing me on her podcast. Because I can do the same.”


What do U make of this inter-family drama, y’all?? We know Savannah and Lindsie have been in a bad place for a while. But this definitely kicked things up a notch! Thoughts?? Share ’em (below)!

[Image via Judy Eddy/Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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