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Kaylee Gain’s Dad Shares Hopeful Update On Her Condition More Than A Month After Brutal Brawl

Kaylee Gain’s Family Shares Update On Her Condition More Than A Month After Brutal Brawl

The family of Kaylee Gain has updated everyone on her healing progress.

As we reported, the teenager has been in the hospital for over a month after getting severely injured in a nasty fight blocks away from Hazelwood East High School in Missouri back on March 8. A video of the brawl went viral online. In it, a girl appeared to punch Kaylee before bashing her head into the concrete pavement multiple times. Jeez. When police arrived at the scene after receiving a call to break up the fight, they found the teen suffering from “a severe head injury.” Kaylee was then hospitalized with a skull fracture and frontal lobe damage. Meanwhile, a 15-year-old girl named Maurnice DeClue was arrested in connection with the incident.

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Since the horrific ordeal, Kaylee’s family has shared updates on her condition. The last we heard, their attorney Bryan Kaemmerer said at the beginning of the month that she was displaying “significant cognitive impairment” and didn’t know why she was in the hospital. The high school student was talking again — though she reiterated “the same short sentences over and over.” She also couldn’t walk without assistance from hospital staff members. Oof. But now, weeks later, the family is giving new and very positive report about Kaylee’s condition!

In an update on a GoFundMe page on Tuesday, her father Clinton Gain revealed that the teen is “walking with little to no assistance” and has “greatly improved” cognitive skills. Amazing! Of course, given the trauma Kaylee experienced, she still has a long road ahead of her when it comes to her recovery. Clinton explained that she needs at least one more surgery, then will undergo physical therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling. But things are looking up for Kaylee right now:

“We have been truly amazed by the progress she has made in such a short time. Physically she is doing well, walking with little to no assistance but must wear a helmet for her safety as she is still missing her bone flap. That will be another surgery for her down the road. Cognitively Kaylee has greatly improved since first waking up from her coma however there is still a lot of work she will need to do in order to get fully back to herself prior to the incident. Kaylee will continue to have PT/OT therapy as well speech and counseling to help her through this traumatic experience.”

Clinton concluded the post by thanking everyone for their well-wishes over these past few weeks:

“Again, we are so grateful for the support and prayers. The power of prayer is truly seen through her recovery so far. We thank you all so much!”

It’s amazing to hear Kaylee’s condition improved so much. We continue to send her love and light as she continues to recover. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via GoFundMe]

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