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KC Chiefs Fans' Mysterious Frozen Deaths: Lone Survivor Headed To Rehab!

KC Chiefs Fans' Mysterious Frozen Deaths: Lone Survivor Headed To Rehab!

While Kansas City continues to mourn the loss of three of their community members, the sole survivor of the mysterious freezing incident is headed to get some addiction help.

As you may have heard, three Kansas City Chiefs superfans — Ricky Johnson, 38, David Harrington, 37, and Clayton McGeeney, 36, — were tragically found “frozen to death” in their mutual friend Jordan Willis‘ backyard early this month. They had all watched the game together, but something happened — and three ended up dead in the yard… The story has been confusing from the start. But it got worse when Willis’ details of the event kept changing, and his lawyer claimed he “misspoke.”

But now we know something concrete. In the aftermath of the tragedy the watch party host is seeking help for drug abuse.

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According to Fox News on Wednesday, the lone survivor of the incident “recognized that he had a problem with addiction” after the deaths of his friends acted as a huge “wake-up call”. Hmm. Speculation has been heavy that the deaths were drug-related — why else would cause three men to sit outside in the cold long enough to freeze to death without helping one another. This seems to bolster that theory. No wonder police have made it very clear no foul play is involved, and they’re not investigating it as a homicide — if they were all just on drugs.

Even more interesting, TMZ dug up some info that could potentially point to the tragedy involving drugs. McGeeney reportedly had an active pharmaceutical license, although it’s unknown if he held a job at anywhere with access to drugs at the time of his death. Another victim, Harrington, was also arrested for possession of controlled substances in 2011, but only ended up receiving a slap on the wrist.

Now, nothing will be confirmed until those toxicology reports come back, of course — but what we can say is this was an awful tragedy and such a huge loss for these poor families, no matter how it went down. Our hearts continue to be with the victims’ loved ones and we hope they get the answers they’re searching for soon.


[Image via CBS Mornings/YouTube/Facebook]

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