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Mystery Deaths! 3 Friends Freeze In Man's Yard After Watching Chiefs Game -- And His Story Keeps Changing??

Mystery Deaths? Three Friends Freeze In Man's Yard After Watching Chiefs Game -- And His Story Keeps Changing??

The mysterious deaths of three Kansas City men earlier this month are being looked at under a microscope by both the police and the media — and answers aren’t coming quickly.

This story flew under the radar for a while after the tragedy first occurred back on January 7. But now, after several weeks and no clear answers about what happened to three NFL fans, this heartbreaking Missouri news item is fast becoming a national mystery.

So let’s go back to the beginning. This all started in KC at about 9:00 p.m. local time on the night of January 7. Ricky Johnson (above, middle), 38, David Harrington (above, top right), 37, and Clayton McGeeney (above, far left), 36, all went to a friend named Jordan Willis‘ house in the Missouri city. They were there to watch the hometown Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Los Angeles Chargers. It was Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes‘ last regular season game for the Chiefs this year before they went into the playoffs, and they won 13-12. So, it should have been a good night! But sadly tragedy struck just hours later…

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At some point after the game ended, so the story goes, the men left, and Willis went to bed in the rental home (pictured above). However, nobody heard from any of the men at all on January 8, and on January 9, McGeeney’s concerned fiancée went over to the home. There, she saw all three men’s cars parked out front. Alarmed that the cars were still there, she broke into the house, and found a body on the back porch! She called the cops, and responding officers found the other two men’s bodies elsewhere in the backyard. They had been there well over 24 hours — consistent with something having happened overnight on January 7.


And here’s where things get really strange: Willis’ attorney says his client has NO idea how the men ended up dead. In fact, according to the attorney, Willis went to bed early enough in the night that he never even realized the men were in trouble… In a statement to FOX 4 News in Kansas City after the tragedy occurred, attorney John Picerno first said his client last saw the other three men “when they left his house, and he went to bed.” But then, in a follow-up statement days later, Picerno corrected himself and TOTALLY changed his client’s story. He claimed Willis actually “went to bed” while the three men were still at his house:

“When he would have people over at his house, yes sometimes as people, they get tired, they’re people that are very close to you and you feel comfortable going to bed and allowing them to leave when they want to leave.”

But THEN, in ANOTHER follow-up statement, Picerno clarified to the local media that he misspoke AGAIN!!! Now, he says that his client Willis personally escorted the men to the front door, and then he went back inside and fell asleep on the couch! So, which is it?! Picerno then reiterated that Willis actually knows… nothing:

“Jordan had absolutely nothing to do with their deaths. He does not know the timing or manner of their deaths, nor does he know how or when they exited his house. He had no knowledge that they remained in his backyard, or that they needed medical attention.”

By Tuesday, Willis’ attorney was revealing even more new information, too. He indicated that a fifth man was at the home that night and spent time with the victims before going to sleep elsewhere in the home. But that man — who has not been publicly named — also has an attorney, and his attorney is disputing Picerno’s statement, too!!!

That attorney says his client was indeed with all the other men, but he left the house around midnight. When he left, the group was apparently alive and healthy and all watching Jeopardy! together inside the living room. Soooo WTF is going on?!

The confusion here is even more intense because Willis didn’t respond to calls or texts from anybody in the 36-ish hours after the men were at his home on the night of January 7. Picerno claims Willis never received any texts about the whereabouts of the other three men. But this unnamed fifth man says THAT is incorrect, too, and that he personally texted Willis himself about it later and never heard anything back. Family members of both McGeeney and Johnson also texted Willis on January 8, but nobody received any response. And McGeeney’s fiancée — the one who went to the home and discovered the scene on January 9 — messaged Willis on Facebook the day before asking where the men were.

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According to Picerno, his client didn’t see any of those messages before the mens’ bodies were found. Willis also supposedly had no clue the men remained outside his home after they left. And not only that, but Picerno claims that because Willis sleeps with headphones on and a loud fan going, he wouldn’t have heard them out there, anyways. As Willis’ story goes, Picerno claims he didn’t leave the home at all between the night of January 7 and the morning of January 9, when McGeeney’s fiancée rushed over,  discovered the scene, and called cops.

Willis has since moved out of the home. The cops, meanwhile, are stumped. Captain Jake Becchina of the Kansas City Police Department told Fox News Digital that while the investigation is ongoing, they do not believe foul play was involved at this point. He made it a particular point of emphasis to reiterate that:

“First and foremost, this case is 100% NOT being investigated as a homicide.”


Detectives are waiting on toxicology reports to come back on all the three men. That will happen in the coming weeks, per People. And along with that, cops are still waiting to officially confirm a cause of death. While the men were found frozen and the temperatures were in the high 20s in Kansas City that night, it is unknown if they froze to death or that was merely a byproduct of them being out in the cold for so long after succumbing to something else.

Regardless of what the cops think, though, the families of the men lost are skeptical about Willis’ changing story, to say the least. McGeeney’s cousin Caleb told FOX 4 Kansas City that Willis’ story “has a lot of holes in it,” which would appear to be the understatement of the century after Picerno’s endless walkbacks and clarifications. Caleb noted:

“[Holes including] like how the last time he saw them they were leaving the house, but he didn’t know they had left, that doesn’t make much sense.”

Caleb continued:

“Somebody has to end up in custody over it regardless of any situation. They are at your house and three people are dead. Just the thought of him dying and them sitting outside in the cold for two days … it’s extremely devastating.”

So sad.

You can see more on this shocking and heartbreaking story (below):

And here’s more from that still-unnamed fifth friend who was allegedly at Willis’ house on that fateful night and left early. In this interview (below), an attorney speaks on that man’s behalf without revealing his identity:

Jeez. We send our condolences to the families, friends, and loved ones of the three dead men. And we hope that the KCPD can figure out what in the frozen hell happened on that awful night…


[Image via Fox 4 Kansas City/YouTube/Inside Edition/YouTube/Facebook]

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