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Kelly Brook Quit Acting Because Her Husband Doesn't Want Her Pretending To Romance Ryan Reynolds?!

Kelly Brook Quit Acting Husband Ryan Reynolds Romance

Remember when You star Penn Badgley said he wouldn’t be doing any more love scenes because it was disrespectful to his real-life partner? Well, he’s just been trumped. British sex symbol Kelly Brook has revealed she’s left acting altogether! The triple threat model/actress/radio host has decided to drop one of the threats entirely by quitting movies and TV!

In a candid new interview with The Daily Star, Kelly stated outright:

“I’m going to leave the acting thing.”


“I don’t like being away from home for too long. I like sleeping in my own bed and I’ve got my dog to look after.”

But that’s not all she means by not being away from home. She’s also referring to being away from her man! In July 2022 Kelly got married to longtime boyfriend Jeremy Parisi. You may have noticed the Piranha 3D star hasn’t done much acting since starting her relationship with the model — and it seems now she’s ready to make that as official as they are!

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What does one have to do with the other? She says she thinks it would be problematic to pretend to romance another man in a movie. And by problematic we mean her husband would NOT approve:

“I can’t imagine turning around to Jeremy and saying, ‘I’m off for six weeks and I’m going to pretend to be the lover of Ryan Reynolds, is that OK?’ I don’t think that would bode well. I don’t think my husband would be down with that.”

Um… why the hell not? As an actress, that’s part of the gig! You play cops and serial killers and superheroes and whatnot — you don’t do any of that stuff, it’s all pretend! This man isn’t secure enough to accept that?

Well, Kelly does give a bit of a hint why she in particular might have a tough time with the whole pretend romance for the camera stuff. The Skins alum admitted:

“I was a terrible actress. I find it quite exhausting. I’m such a big personality so I always find it quite a struggle to be somebody else. They’d tell me I was married to someone and after two weeks in my mind I believed I was married to them. It was a terrible situation.”

Huh. We wonder if that’s what happened with other onscreen romances that turned real, like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, or Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, or Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. It could be that — or just hot folks working close together for hours on end for weeks… In any case, it does happen.

It still feels weird, like she’s saying her husband won’t let her be an actress. But if it’s not something she wants to do or feels she’s best at, we certainly wouldn’t want to argue with her.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Should significant others be worried when their actor spouses pretend to be in love with someone else??

[Image via WENN/Kelly Brook/Instagram/The Tonight Show/YouTube.]

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