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Kevin Costner's Ex Argues His Kids NEED Ridiculous Child Support $$$ Because Luxury Is 'In Their DNA'

Kevin Costner with wife and kids

Well, the subtext has become text, hasn’t it?

When Kevin Costner‘s wife left him after 18 years, that was a surprise. When she asked for $248,000 PER MONTH in child support, that was a jaw-dropper. First off, how much does Kevin have? How could anyone other than a Jeff Bezos afford that, we’re talking like 3 mil a year!

Then there’s the question of how much money these three kids, teens now — Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13 — could possibly need! The quarter mil per month was in addition to school tuition and medical expenses, so we’re talking hundreds of thousands for what? Clothes, backpacks, and lunches? WTF??

Ultimately that number has been whittled down, and the former Yellowstone star has been paying $129,000. Still a boatload. But she wants MORE! So on Thursday Kevin and Christine Baumgartner faced off in court so she could try to get that number up to $161,592! Wild…

But wait until you hear the argument!

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Christine’s attorney John Rydell actually said with a straight face in court that the kids need that much money because a life of luxury is “in their DNA at this point.” Wow. Seriously?

Child support is supposed to be about making sure kids get everything they need. So their tactic is to say these kids NEED luxury? Something that by definition NO ONE NEEDS?? Shelter and health and nutrition and caviar and yachting?

Christine actually cried in court while describing the “experience” of living in Kevin’s Santa Barbara estate, which she consistently described as “ours.” The family home, which she was forced to move away from, per the prenup, was described as including a volleyball court, a garden, and an infinity pool, as well as a “surf garage” which was just 50 steps from “toes in the water.” She added that the kids are “very connected to the ocean” now.

You know what? It all sounds pretty amazing! It’s also something 99.9% of people will never experience and most certainly not a NEED. Per her filing:

“The Court is required to set child support at a level that, when the children are with Christine, they live a lifestyle relatively comparable to the one they enjoy when they are with their father.”

It makes it sound like they’re after fairness. But upon hearing what they said in court, it’s clear she’s literally arguing they need to be rich because it’s great being rich. Not that they need certain things that cost x amount of money, that they NEED to keep being RICH. Hence her needing to be paid enough money in child support that she still will be. Gross.

BTW, Kevin is offering $60k per month. We’ll have to see what the court decides. How would YOU rule, Your Perezcious Honors??

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

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