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Khloé Kardashian Deletes Pic After Fans Hurl MAJOR Photoshop Fail Accusations! Oof!

Khloé Kardashian Deletes Pic After Fans Hurl MAJOR Photoshop Fail Accusations! Oof!

Khloé Kardashian got caught appearing to slip up on Instagram. Then, the fire in the comments section burned so hot that she (not so) stealthily deleted a picture to quell the critics!!

This apparent KarJenner fam Photoshop fail went down on Sunday, but it didn’t start gaining traction until Monday afternoon. At that point, it coincided with Khloé’s other latest IG post, in which she celebrated baby daddy Tristan Thompson‘s birthday. Quickly, that one-two combo proved too enticing for commenters to hold back…

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Over the weekend, the Good American founder attended her best friend Malika Haqq‘s 40th birthday party. Right there with her twin sister Khadijah, Malika enjoyed the weekend festivities and wanted her closest pals — like Khloé — close by.

So, on Sunday, the Revenge Body alum memorialized the weekend’s festivities with a “Shimmer and Shine” carousel of super sexy pictures. As you can see (below), Khloé stunned in the snaps! She took the breath away from a good portion of her 298 million followers on the social media app:

Looks great, right?! Well, yes! But there’s a little problem. See, as of Tuesday, Khloé’s carousel only contains four photos. When she first published the snaps on Sunday, there was actually a FIFTH photo in the mix!

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Almost immediately, fans noticed something seriously wrong with her leg in the now-scrapped fifth snap. Quickly, they started calling her out on it. Deciding to go through with a ninja-style edit, the 38-year-old reality TV star quietly deleted the fifth snap hours later.

But the deleted snap still lives online!! You can ch-ch-check it out for yourself (below), and pay special attention to Khloé’s front leg as it looks in the photo:


That’s definitely not supposed to look like that. Is it??

As they always do, fans (and critics, TBH) of the former late-night radio DJ delivered all kinds of takes about the suspicious-looking leg down in the comments section. Here are just a few of the responses (below):

“Bro who tf photoshops their pics so badly”

“Is there any natural beauty left?”

“show us the unedited photos for once”

“You can limit people from commenting on your posts all you want but my dear…that post is not it. How come we see it and you don’t?!”

“What happened to your leg in the third pics”

“Show us the unedited ones.”

“Khloe Kardashian needs to chill with the photoshop. Every different post she looks different and this one might be the worst yet because her leg looks disproportionate”

“Just delete the third we will forget about it.”

IG commenters seriously don’t hold back, do they?!

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Unfortunately for Khloé, that wasn’t even the only pile of digital s**t people flung at her in that post’s comments section!!! As we mentioned up top, on Monday, the KUWTK alum returned to IG with a pic tribute for Tristan. In it, she openly praised the ex-NBA star’s parenting ability on his 32nd birthday.

Of course, at least one person has reason to believe that maaaaaaaybe Tristan isn’t in the running for “World’s Best Dad.” And by Tuesday, it wasn’t just Maralee Nichols who was making her feelings known about that, either. Commenters slammed Khloé’s super-positive take on Tristan’s parenting skills and called out his infidelity issues on the very same post right alongside their Photoshop fail accusations:

“Tristan is best father??? Where is Theo?? Has he met him yet?”

“Girl stop praising that man who has brought so much pain and shame into your life. it’s just foolish at this point.”

“Khloe girl what did you just posted about Tristan? Don’t you have dignity? Omg”

“Gonna let Tristan humiliate you again? Lmao”

“Just completely ignore the fact that he has a whole nother child with someone smh smh”

“In your last photo of best dad you are missing a photo of one of his kids he’s absent for.”

“the ‘best’ father is present for ALLLL his kids not just the ones he wants.”

In conclusion, people are vicious. That’s what we take away from this!

Not that they’re wrong necessarily about the Photoshop callout, per se. And they’re certainly not wrong about slamming some of Tristan’s questionable life choices. But even so. Damn! These commenters be going IN!!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram/Instagram]

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