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Kiely Rodni 'Secretly Cremated' As Cause Of Death Remains A 'Suspicious' Mystery Amid Conspiracy Theories

Kiely Rodni Secretly Cremated As Cause Of Death Remains A ‘Suspicious’ Mystery Amid Conspiracy Theories

Kiely Rodni’s family said a private goodbye to the beloved 16-year-old earlier this month as conspiracy theories about the teen’s death continue to gain traction.

According to a source who spoke with the US Sun on Sunday, Kiely “has been secretly cremated,” seemingly around the time a memorial was held for family and friends to mourn the high schooler’s tragic loss earlier this month. As we’ve been reporting, the teenager was found submerged in her car in the Prosser Reservoir in Truckee, California almost two weeks after she went missing following an end-of-year party in the woods. A cause of death has not been released as authorities continue to investigate. Meanwhile, speculation has flooded the internet, spurred by the fact divers from Adventures With Purpose, the expert team who found Kiely and her car, consider her death scene “suspicious.”

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Rather than wait for the cause of death to be concluded, Kiely’s family decided to privately cremate her body, the source close to the family shared:

“There will be no funeral. She was cremated, hence why we had that memorial.”

While many continue to push conspiracy theories claiming Kiely was murdered, the insider stressed how her family believes the death was an accident after she was last seen intoxicated at a party. Still, it’s a very devastating outcome and has caused the family to be desperate for closure, the insider added:

“My heart physically hurts every second of every day.”

The source called Kiely a bright young girl who had a great future ahead of her, describing her as “outgoing, happy, always a great listener and just such a wonderful human being.” Such an unfortunate loss. At this time, hher family has preferred to deal with their grief in private. When the outlet reached out for a comment, a representative responded:

“The family feels that they have already shared so much that they would like to keep some decisions private. Thus, they are respectfully choosing not to comment. Thank you for your understanding.”

Totally understandable…

It’s hard enough to grasp a loss as shocking as this one, but even more difficult to have to face this grief in the public eye. We wish them nothing but love and healing as they mourn. Similarly, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and the Nevada County Coroner have also not responded to The Sun’s request for comment.

This cremation news comes just weeks after the family hosted a celebration of life for the teen’s close ones on September 10. The media was asked to keep a distance from the event in hopes of giving the attendees a chance to properly grieve without fear of their words or actions being manipulated by the internet. This comes as Kiely’s boyfriend, Jagger Westfall, has been slammed with death threats as some true crime sleuths believe he had a hand in her death — despite the FBI already clearing him from the case!

Kiely’s mother Lindsey Rodni-Nieman touched on this in a speech shared with local outlet KCRA at the Truckee Regional Park where prayer flags were displayed. She said:

“We are so grateful to have the opportunity to join together today with our friends, family and community in Kiely’s name. Though we gather together, grief and healing is such a personal and individual thing. Today we will honor Kiely in honoring each other and holding each other up as we grieve in our own way. We’ll laugh, dance, share songs and poetry, or maybe we’ll cry in the corner, or at the podium. It’s okay. We’ll remember and create new memories as we all learn how to move forward in the world where we miss her. We are so blessed to be able to miss her together and to walk together into tomorrow. The way that she has brought everyone together even in death is a legacy that I will cherish forever. I’m hearing stories about people wanting to be nicer to each other in her memory.”

She went on to highlight the impact the show of support from the community has had on her family and Kiely’s friends, adding:

“Kiely’s dear friend recently told her mom that before all of this happened she thought the word community had no real meaning, that it didn’t really exist. But after Kiely went missing, the way our community showed up in full force showed her that it in fact is so very real and so, so powerful. That kind of impact on our teens gives me hope. The demonstration of strength and togetherness and the way that they have an army of supporters standing behind them will carry them far as they enter adulthood.”

So powerful!

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She also blasted social media speculation about Kiely’s death, encouraging those with opinions to keep them to themselves:

“Unfortunately, the social media frenzy has become such a monster that our teens are suffering and we want to create a safe space for them to heal together, without fear of something being taken out of context.

From anyone who gains pleasure or satisfaction from commenting online. I ask you to take a moment to look inward and try to recognize your motive. Remember the three gates that all words should flow through. Is it kind? Is it true? Is it helpful? I implore you to remember that there is honor in silence and there is kindness in minding your own business. You are talking about the death of my child, our community’s child. It’s time to let our children mourn their friend quietly, peacefully.”

So well said! Nobody should be attacking any of these teenagers in their time of need, especially when the authorities aren’t even considering them a suspect! You can hear her full speech (below).

It’s unclear when Kiely’s official cause of death will be revealed. Last we heard, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office was waiting on toxicology results before they wrap up their investigation… but those results could take weeks. We hope in the meantime, internet sleuths take a break from their conspiracy theories and let Kiely’s loved ones mourn in peace.

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