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Kim Kardashian Accidentally Confirms Timothée Chalamet & Kylie Jenner Are Still Going Strong!

Kim Kardashian Accidentally Confirms Timothée Chalamet & Kylie Jenner Are Still Going Strong!

Kim Kardashian accidentally (OK, probably not accidentally, TBH) just confirmed that her little sister Kylie Jenner still has the hots for A-list actor Timothée Chalamet!

The occasion was the layout of the settings on the KarJenner table for Easter this past weekend. They had a big family get-together for the faith-based holiday, as they always do. Kim used the nice family time on Sunday to show off the immaculate spring-themed table settings all down the row. Each one had a place tag with the names of who was to sit where, and they were written out in beautiful calligraphy. It was really something!

And for a few days, people mostly forgot about it. After all, it was just the SKIMS founder showing off her fam’s high-end Easter brunch. No big deal, right? Uh, yes big deal! VERY big deal! Because Kim low-key confirmed Timothée’s presence at the brunch with a very subtle (and slightly blurred!) shot of his name on a tag!!

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It’s really hard to see, in large part because Kim went back into the video before uploading it to her Instagram Stories to blur out what appears to be the Dune actor’s name. But fans are convinced that he was the one set to sit right next to Kylie! They claim to have seen a “Ti” on the name tag before the rest was blurred out. And since that tag was next to the Kylie Swim founder’s seat — and nobody in the KarJenner clan has a “Ti” name, LOLz — well, there you go. The conspiracy is on!

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (below):

Well damn! The evidence is pretty compelling… we guess?! Maybe?? True or not, that’s not going to stop fans from commenting on it, tho. Y’all should know this by now! Ha!! Ch-ch-check out some of the reactions that are flying in about the Wonka star apparently sitting right next to Kylie for the KarJenner fam’s Easter shindig:

“I thought I was the only one who noticed the name with the letter ‘T’ blurred out haha”

“How come they didn’t blur out Corey’s name?”

“Kim should’ve filmed the other side. Blurring out his name made it obvious that it’s him.”

“Lmao Kardashians doing Kardashian things. This was soooo on purpose”

“it’s so clear and makes this even funnier he’s 100% there that’s why Kim blurred out his name tag”

“I just know North wanted to sit beside Timothee”

Do U buy it, Perezcious readers?? Was that Timothée’s name that Kim haphazardly blurred out?! And if it was… did Kim make a mistake catching it on camera in her video? Or was it a, uh, “mistake“? Ya know?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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