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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Makes HOW MUCH Per Instagram Post?! Unreal!

Kim Kardashian Instagram Influencer

Instagram influencers seem to be all the rage right now, with popular models and other public figures reportedly receiving five figures and then some just to post pics of themselves using certain products.
And while the entire influencer industry seems to get bigger, and crazier, and more high stakes every year, none of it can EVER compare to the queen of ’em all: Kim Kardashian West.
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That’s right… the KUWTK star reportedly pulls in $1 MILLION per POST on Instagram, according to industry sources who know the market and spoke to TMZ about it this weekend.
Think about that. For every weight loss product or pill Kim hawks, on IG, she reportedly picks up a cool seven figures every single time she hits ‘publish’ with a new pic! What a life…

A Lawsuit Reveals It!

Why are we even talking about this, anyways?! Well, Kim is in the middle of a lawsuit against Missguided USA, a clothing company and fashion brand that she says used her image without paying her to sell their clothes.
The company apparently didn’t respond to her claims in court, so she’s going in for a default judgment against them that could net her as much as $5 million. As part of that judgment, she’s been filing legal docs to prove just how influential she is, and how much money she makes, to prove her likeness is valuable and shouldn’t have been used without her consent.
Well, in those docs, Kim justifies the potential $5 million judgment by explaining her capacity to make the BIG bucks — initially, she claimed she gets between $300,000 and $500,000 per post, though it appears her legal team will amend and re-file docs with the adjustment up to $1 million per sponsored post!
So. Much. Cash.
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Even crazier, Kim claims in the docs that she also very frequently turns DOWN offers for that kind of payday, simply because they come from brands with which she’d rather not associate. Ah, to have so many choices in how you wanna make your million bucks! Unreal!!
For now, the lawsuit against the clothing company will drag on… and Kim will keep on racking up the big bucks with her sponsored posts, with no end in sight there. Other celebs, be jealous — this is the gold standard!
It’s almost like JAY-Z used to say… she’s not a business(wo)man, she’s a business, (wo)man! Ha!!!
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