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Kim Kardashian Already Has Plans To Take Over KarJenner 'Momager' Role After Kris Jenner Retires!

Kim Kardashian Already Has Plans To Take Over That KarJenner Fam 'Momager' Role After Kris Jenner Retires!

The KarJenner business empire appears to be primed to transition into good hands once 66-year-old Kris Jenner decides to retire — whenever that may be!

The momager-extraordinaire apparently already has a succession path lined up among her children and business associates. And yes, the obvious choice — daughter Kim Kardashian — is in fact the one preparing to take the throne!

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In a new interview with WSJ Magazine published on Monday, the 41-year-old mom of four opens up about learning the ropes of the entertainment business under Kris, and what will come next for the fam once their infamous momager opts for retirement.

Explaining just how much her mom is involved in the day-to-day business aspects of all her children’s lives, Kim said (below):

“If there’s a deal, it’s always my mom, me and our attorney talking it over.”

Um, duh!

Any fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians already knew how business-minded and detail-oriented Kris can be, and how it feels like, for better or worse, she has her hands in EVERYTHING!

But it’s what Kim said next that really piqued our attention! Explaining how things may transition one day as Kris continues to get older and starts to look ahead to potentially slowing down a bit, Kim added:

“[I have] emerged as the primary business mind among the siblings. We’ve talked about it [a succession plan]. I would assemble a team of people to take over. I hope it doesn’t happen for a really long time, because I’m really busy.”

Makes sense!

Still, it’s crazy to think about Kris retiring, ya know?!

Kim actually gave some insight into that, too.

When speaking about her own winding path learning the law and studying for the bar exam, Kanye West‘s ex indicated it may be quite a while before Kris hangs ’em up. After all, as Kim noted in this interview, the family matriarch’s own mother, Mary Jo Campbell, didn’t retire until she was in her early 80s! So don’t expect Kim or Kris to quit too early!

Kim explained:

“Hopefully one day I can start a law firm where we can help people pro bono and hire people who were formerly incarcerated. I don’t see me floating on a yacht. I think I’ll always feel good when I’m working.”

Yep, that sounds like Kim! And Kris, too, for that matter!

So maybe the succession plan is still a ways off from taking effect, even if they already more or less have it in place??

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BTW, Kim also opened up a little bit more about her progress studying for the bar exam.

Revealing that she scored a 474 on her first “baby” bar exam test — students need to score 560 or better to pass and move on to the next level of law studies — the reality TV star admitted the test was “extremely difficult.”

Still, she continues to study and fully intends to practice law in the future. She told the mag:

“I do have a ways to go.. Unfortunately, I haven’t passed yet, but I’m not giving up. I’m preparing to take it again soon.”

And we’re rooting for her!!!

Oh, and we’ve got one more KarJenner fam tidbit to pass along from the WSJ Magaine interview — an update on the fam’s much-anticipated Hulu-bound reality TV show!

Kim stated to the mag that her family retains final editing rights for the entire series, and they intend to reveal more of her professional life and legal goals than E! previously showed in the past! Kim revealed:

“I think it will be a different side. But I wouldn’t say that our silly sides are not going to come out.”


With the family retaining full editing rights themselves, it’ll be interested how differently they are portrayed on Hulu than in the previous 20 seasons of their reality TV show airing on cable!

Reactions to all these updates from Kim, y’all? Think she’ll ever take over in the momager role for Kris?? What does the future hold for this A-list family, anyways??

Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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