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The REAL Reason Kim Kardashian & Sisters Unfollowed Larsa Pippen?

Kim Kardashian Larsa pippin unfollowed reason

If you were hoping for some tea to be spilled on this dramatic friend break up, well, we have some bad news for you…

When Larsa Pippen was randomly name dropped in Kanye West’s very public Twitter meltdown on Tuesday night, fans started wondering what might have gone down between Pippen and the KarJenner clan — especially when they noticed that Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloé Kardashian had ALL unfollowed her on social media. 

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But the unfollowing had actually occurred months earlier, and apparently, there was no drama involved in the decision at all. A source for Us Weekly explained:

“Kim started actually unfollowing Larsa end of last year but did so very quietly. She unfollowed everyone altogether bringing her followers to zero because there were a lot of random accounts and she wanted to reset it just to her family and childhood friends. For Kim’s own mental health, she wanted to narrow down what was showing up on her feed. There are a lot of people she is friends with who she doesn’t follow on social media.”

As for the friendship between the two women, well, there has been a change in their relationship, but it’s not so deep as a “break up.” An E! News insider shared:

“The friendship just naturally grew apart over a period of time because life happens. Kim is focused on matters at home — getting Kanye healthy, her four young kids, law school and juggling her businesses.”

The Us source confirmed: 

“They are just in a different place in their lives and are not as close as they used to be but have no ill feelings at all and still stay in touch. Larsa actually visited Kim recently a few weeks ago at her home with her daughter, which Larsa shared to her social media.”

In regards to Khloé and Kourt following suit by unfollowing, the E! insider said that “they made their own decision.” However, they did shut down any rumors regarding Larsa and Tristan Thompson, insisting: 

“There is zero drama and nothing inappropriate ever happened between Kanye and Larsa or Larsa and Tristan.”

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Okay, so it was a zero fuss, very friendly, totally normal growing apart, fine. Buuuuuut… why did Kanye mention Larsa in his Twitter rant if there was no drama? ESPECIALLY if we’re talking about someone his wife isn’t even that close to anymore? The ? emoji is very apt in this situation!

Plus, doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that Pippen unfollowed them all back? An unfollow isn’t the end of the world, but it does seem like a pretty decisive move in a friendship — since it’s also even less effort to keep following.

It just doesn’t seem like we have all the pieces to this particular puzzle. But hey, if there’s no hard feelings, all the better for everyone involved! Kim has enough to deal with these days.

[Image via Larsa Pippen/Instagram]

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