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Kim Kardashian Epically BURNS Big Sis Kourtney As Nasty Wedding Feud Heats Up! OMG!

Kim Kardashian SLAMS Supposedly Friendless Big Sis Kourtney As Nasty Wedding Feud Heats Up! OMG!

Life ain’t Gucci for Kim Kardashian and big sis Kourtney Kardashian. Er, uhhh, we mean it ain’t Dolce!?

The sisters’ Dolce & Gabbana-based feud was revealed on last week’s episode of The Kardashians — and it was NOT a one-off. So with another new ep dropping Thursday on Hulu, we got another long look at the SKIMS founder’s sordid spat with the Lemme lead as Kim called out Kourtney as a “hater” for not supporting her collaboration with D&G.

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The problem bubbled up following Kim’s show hosted by the fashion house. Afterwards, the mogul went out to dinner with sis Khloé Kardashian, momager Kris Jenner, and the entire D&G team. At dinner, Kanye West‘s ex-wife slammed her older sister as being “so mad at her” for partnering with up with D&G. She explained how Kourt was upset because just months earlier she had chosen the brand to walk down the aisle to marry Travis Barker:

“She said, ‘you’re trying to copy me.’ But she always tries to hate on the side. She is such a hater.”

Khloé took the time to weigh in on the situation, too. She admitted she “doesn’t know where her [Kourtney’s] anger is coming from” with the whole situation, thus aligning herself with Team Kim. The Revenge Body alum also said:

“But it’s OK. You let someone pout in the corner, you don’t entertain it, and you move on. Because you don’t get jealous of your family.”

Kris tried to keep a more level head as she watched the whole thing go down. In a confessional clip about the spat, the momager said she hoped her daughters would be “able to figure it out,” adding:

“When it comes to Kim and Kourtney, no one is right and no one is wrong. It’s gonna work itself out. I know my girls and they have this deep love for one another.”

We hope so! But we’re not so sure, judging it on what happened when everybody got back home.

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Back in El Lay later on, Kim and Khloé sat down in private to try to figure out what to do about Kourtney and her post-wedding D&G woes. In a confessional, True Thompson‘s momma revealed that Kourtney had called her in tears about the situation, complaining she “felt like her wedding moment was taken away from her.”

To her credit, after Khloé brought that up with Kim, the SKKN By Kim founder did say she could understand why Kourtney felt like she “stole her thunder” after the wedding look. So, uh, progress? All good now??

Well, maybe not. Later in the ep, Khloé explained to Kim how Kourtney said all her friends are “riling her up” about the Dolce & Gabbana situation. The Good American founder told her:

“Her words were, ‘everyone thinks this is the weirdest thing.'”

Then, longtime KarJenner pal Simon Huck — who was listening in via phone — added this statement directed at Kim:

“Well [Kourtney] does not want to talk to you about it at all. I mean, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I just don’t know how that conversation is going to go with you two.”

In a stunning reply to Huck’s comment and Khloé’s “riling her up” admission, Kim said:

“She keeps saying ‘every one of her friends.’ But she doesn’t have any friends, so Travis?”


Now that’s a memorable line — harsh burn from Kim! But they are arguing like they’re teens again now! Let’s all just admit that! LOLz!

And if Kim had it in her to say something as mean as that, well, maybe Kourtney knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Kim’s vibes toward her. Just sayin’!!

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As for Kourt’s side of the story, she later spoke to her stylist about the situation. To hear her tell it, Kim re-used the “exact dress” she wore during her wedding week last May — just in a different color. The newly-pregnant momma asserted:

“She is putting out all of these vibes from my wedding — with looks that we so carefully curated — and then putting them into the fashion show. It’s just weird.”

Weird indeed. This whole thing is weird, TBH.

And as for the next episode, it appears the feud continues on again! In a preview for next week’s forthcoming ep which Hulu dropped in at the end of Thursday’s show, we got a look at Kim and Kourtney finally sitting down together, in person, to lay everything out on the proverbial table. With tears in her eyes in the brief preview look, Kourtney can be seen saying:

“No one called me to say, ‘how do you feel about this?’ It’s like the business and the check was more important than my feelings.”

So, basically, it seems like s**t is really going to hit the fan next week with this one-on-one confrontation. Look, obviously Kourtney would not have these connections with D&G in the first place without Kim. And Kim doing this fashion show is something that’s good for the ENTIRE family. That being said, Kim, and other members of the krew if we’re being honest, have NEVER given Kourtney enough credit. It always seems like just because she has different priorities with her values that she’s looked at as less-than. So is it possible that’s how, even subconsciously, people don’t consider her enough to begin with? The Kardashians are always saying they’re all about family, that it’s what they’re proud of in this modern world, but in this case, did they not prioritize business over family?

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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