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Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Still 'Text All The Time' -- So Why Are They REALLY Broken Up?!

Kim Kardashian Still Texting Pete Davidson Amid Kanye West Scandal

Oh man, even more evidence Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson‘s relationship may not be quite as over as it seemed…

A source last week told The Sun the former couple had “shared a secret sleepover in her New York City hotel room” two months after their breakup. We thought they were in Splitsville, but it turns out that didn’t mean what we thought it did? Not only that, the insider said she returned the favor and visited him on Staten Island.

Are these two considering getting back together??

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Well, they’re definitely talking. Like, literally, they’re talking. On Thursday an insider, also speaking to The Sun, spilled that the exes “text all the time”:

“They do still talk a lot, they are good friends and laugh a lot – he’s holding in there and tells her that he would jump on a plane at a moment’s notice for her.”

Awww! It sounds like Pete really was as into Kim as he seemed. He still hasn’t moved on!

But while the Kardashians star is still happy to share the connection, she’s shutting down any chance of them full-on getting back together. The source says:

“Kim thinks life is just too messy now and she doesn’t want anything serious right now – while he clearly does. She doesn’t want to string him along, she doesn’t want to do that and give him hope there’s a chance when she knows there’s not.”

Is she not kinda stringing him along with all the texting? Just sayin’! Maybe it’s more serious for the mom-of-four than she’s admitting to even herself if she’s not willing to cut off contact — which as we all know is the healthy move here.

But it’s possible the seriousness isn’t what’s actually keeping Kim away, nor is the long-distance issue with their busy show biz schedules. What is it she said? Life is “just too messy now.” It’s the now that’s got our attention. What’s happening now? The messy, antisemitic elephant in the room. Kanye West.

Kim’s ex harassed her and Pete non-stop when they were together. Whether he was just being a typical controlling a-hole ex or insecure about Pete’s peter in particular, the man threw an absolute fit. And his fans followed suit, bullying the SNL star off social media and allegedly harassing him in public. Dating seemed like a scary situation for both of them. Just totally gross of Ye. (Who knew it would be the second worst campaign the Jesus Walks rapper would wage this year?)

Is Ye the real reason Kim and Pete can’t be together right now? Is their texting proof they’d at least have lasted a few more months if not for the danger? What do YOU think, Perezcious relationship experts??

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