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This Is F**king Terrifying!

This is crazy! But we are SO glad this little girl didn’t die!!!

A small child in Taiwan got the scare of her life this weekend at a kite festival, as she got wrapped up in one of the largest, longest kites as it was lifting up in the air. Before anyone knew it, the 3-year-old girl was caught up in the kite flown high into the air on a very windy day — and she was hundreds of feet above the crowd with no parachute or protective equipment!!

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Watch the 80-second video (above) to see the whole thing happen. It’s crazy… the girl is suddenly up in the air before anyone can think to stop it, and there are a few terrifying seconds there where she just keeps rising and rising and it seems like the worst could happen.

Thankfully, festival-goers were able to get the little girl back on the ground when the kite came some of the way back down to earth, and she safely landed back on solid ground while pulling down the tail of the big, flowing contraption.

So, so scary… honestly such a crazy, unsettling viral video! Yikes!!!

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Aug 30, 2020 10:59am PDT