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Inside Kylie Jenner's First Days As A Mom!

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner
is a mom! We’re still not used to saying that!
As you know, the 20-year-old announced she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on February 1 — and apparently the first few days of motherhood couldn’t be going any better!
A source tells E! News about the KUWTK star’s transition into being the next Kris Jenner (LOLz):

“Kylie’s first few days of motherhood have been the happiest of her life. She feels like being a mom is her true calling and there’s nothing that’s ever felt so right. Bringing the baby home has been the greatest joy and most sacred experience, she is elated and overjoyed. Kylie felt so ready to meet the baby and had been counting down the weeks for what felt like forever, she can’t believe she’s finally here and in her arms and this journey is beginning.”

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And it sounds like Travis Scott‘s baby momma is “very relieved” to finally share the news of her bundle of joy with the world:

“It’s been a lot of work to keep something under wraps that she’s been so excited about. The fact that the news is out feels like a weight off her back.”

The entire birthing process was “very peaceful and calm” despite her anxiety surrounding delivery:

“She was a little bit anxious not knowing what to expect, but she loved that Travis and her family were with her every step of the way.”

Now, Kylie is home with the baby girl and relying on Kris and Travis’ fam for “constant support”:

“Travis’s family is also very involved and thrilled for Kylie and Travis. Kylie feels like everything is coming very naturally to her and that being a mom is what she’s meant to do. She’s loving every minute and cherishing these first few days. The feeling she has is unlike anything she’s experienced before. The family is closer than ever and just so thrilled to be growing at such a rapid pace.”

Another insider close to the celeb says the lip kit mogul has “never been happier” since welcoming her daughter:

“She is so in love and feels like this is what she was put on this earth for. Kylie was ready for the baby to arrive, but says nothing can prepare you for the moment of the actual arrival. She was very nervous, but knew she was in good hands at the hospital. It was a smooth and quick delivery.”

As for how Kylie and Travis’ relationship is doing, the source reveals that the young businesswoman “fell in love” with Travis “all over again though this process”:

“He was very much there for her throughout the entire delivery and stayed overnight with her in the hospital while she was recovering. Seeing him be a dad to their baby, made Kylie feel very safe and happy. She loves her little family that she has created.”

As we reported, Kylie does have a name picked out, and now we’re getting confirmation it does have “some hidden meaning of a butterfly”:

“Kylie decorated the baby’s nursery in white, baby pink and there are butterfly accents. Butterflies mean a lot to both Travis and Kylie and it’s a symbol of their relationship and something special that they have created together.”

Hmmm. Any guesses???
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