The Reality Of Working In Hollywood & The Nondisclosure Agreements Celebs Like Leonardo DiCaprio Have Employees Sign

Leonardo DiCaprio

Nondisclosure agreements are not a joke in Hollywood.

The LA Times recently obtained a contract given to former employees at Leonardo DiCaprio‘s company, Greenhour Corp. — and it really gives us a taste of what it’s like for people working in Hollywood.

According to the report, anyone who wanted to work for the actor would have to sign the document (which was crucial to the actor’s “personal safety, well being and business”) in order to prevent them from disclosing private information about the actor. It also offered a list of “offensive/inappropriate material” they may be exposed to during their time at the company.

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More so, employees gave up the right to sue the 42-year-old or his business for things including harassment, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress, “whether or not in connection with the development” of DiCaprio’s projects.

It goes on to say that staffers “may acquire information or material of an explicit, graphic, offensive, sexual and/or inappropriate nature,” and be in situations where “as part of the creative process, conversations, jokes, banter and behavior may contain explicit references to sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, violence and other protected categories.”

If you broke the rules outlined by the confidentiality agreement, the contractor would owe DiCaprio $250,000 for breach of the NDA. Other documents, like those enforced by the production of Shark Tank, demand $5 million.

This is not rare in the entertainment industry — in fact, it’s “pretty standard” — which is why so many victims of harassment are forced into silence.

Until this culture of secrecy changes, workers will not get proper protection for aforementioned situations.

You can read the full report HERE.

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