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Whoa! Reggie Bush Just TOTALLY Reversed The Kardashian Kurse -- Here's How!

Whoa! Reggie Bush Just TOTALLY Reversed The Kardashian Kurse -- Here's How!

The so-called “Kardashian Kurse” is a thing of the past… for Reggie Bush! Of course, logical people know the Kardashian Kurse is a crock of s**t. Right??

Sure, Kanye West‘s decline since splitting from Kim Kardashian has been brutal to watch. Yes, Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t fared so well in the public eye after the incredible highs of her transition and I Am Cait journey. Granted, Tristan Thompson‘s life has been a s**t show with cheating allegations and baby daddy issues — and big-time career problems, too. We must acknowledge Lamar Odom‘s near-fatal drug overdose. Also, Scott Disick‘s persistent personal battles in addition to very prematurely losing both of his parents.

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There were lesser-known “Kardashian Kurse” victims, too. Kim’s first hubby Damon Thomas filed for bankruptcy with $4 million in debt in 2012. Khloé Kardashian‘s former fling Rashad McCants blamed her for his NBA career stalling out. Ray J has been very (very, very) vocal about how Kim and THAT sex tape have affected his career and life in the nearly two decades since it came out. Heck, even Blac Chyna went THROUGH IT after trying to battle the KarJenner fam in court and losing badly!

But those are all just coincidences, ya know?! Surely, Kris Jenner‘s famous fam wasn’t pulling strings behind the scenes like some omniscient group of superwomen. That’d be crazy, right?? Reggie thinks so! At least he does now! Because for him, the Kardashian Kurse just got reversed!!!

On Wednesday, the Heisman Trust announced the “formal reinstatement” of Reggie’s Heisman Trophy award — which is LONG time in coming. If you’re not a sports fan, the story goes like this: from 2003 to 2005, Reggie starred as a running back for the University of Southern California‘s powerhouse football team. And his 2005 season with the Trojans was the best of them all. He was the best player in the country that year (like, by FAR), and it won him the Heisman Trophy. That’s the award given out to college football’s best player every year. Huge superstars have won it in the past: Tim TebowCam NewtonBarry Sanders, Bo Jackson, and many, many more. Even the late O.J. Simpson won it back in 1968, and we know his connection to the KarJenner fam…

Anyways, Reggie won it in ’05 with the second-most first place points EVER received from voters. Then, from 2007-ish through early 2010, he very publicly dated the SKIMS mogul. He was playing in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints, she was on the come-up in the public eye, KUWTK was just beginning to take the country by storm, and their relationship was plastered everywhere in the media until they split very early in ’10. Then, months later, Reggie had his Heisman Trophy taken away!!

At the time, the Heisman Trust made the jaw-dropping decision to revoke Bush’s award after the NCAA found that he had received impermissible financial benefits from an agent while enrolled at USC. The school even had to give up its replica of his trophy. Plus, Bush got blackballed from all future Heisman Trophy ceremonies and events. Oof!

Those in the know claimed at the time that it was all Kim’s fault! She didn’t have anything to do with Reggie’s USC activities, obvi. But the timing of the end of their relationship and Bush’s Heisman downfall — in addition to what wound up being a stalled-out and underwhelming career in the NFL after that — was too much for Kardashian Kurse believers not to notice!

However!!! In the last few years, LOTS of things have changed in college athletics. Most notably, student-athletes are now allowed to profit off their image and likeness while still in school. They can sell t-shirts, they can sign brand deals to do advertisements for companies, all that kind of stuff. Former USC quarterback Caleb Williams (who also won the Heisman Trophy, in 2022) signed on to do a ton of national commercials and made bank before he ever turned pro thanks to these new rules. And in light of all that, Bush is BACK, baby!

Board members of the Heisman Trust met in Jacksonville on Wednesday morning and announced that Reggie’s Heisman Trophy would be officially reinstated. He is once again recognized as a Heisman winner! He can now go to events with other Heisman winners and work on behalf of the org again. And USC is allowed to openly celebrate the indisputable fact that he was the best player in college football in 2005! Reacting to the landmark decision, Reggie released this statement to ESPN:

“Personally, I’m thrilled to reunite with my fellow Heisman winners and be a part of the storied legacy of the Heisman Trophy, and I’m honored to return to the Heisman family. I also look forward to working together with the Heisman Trust to advance the values and mission of the organization.”

And there you have it! He’s back! Kardashian Kurse KANCELED! BTW, if you aren’t familiar with Bush’s on-field exploits you have got to see the 513 (!) yards he single-handedly put up against Fresno State at the height of his USC fame in November 2005:

Legendary! Most teams don’t rack up 513 yards in a game, and Reggie did it all on his own! He was truly at the top of the world. Now, the college football universe can breathe easily about it again — and Kim, too! Looks like the Kardashian Kurse is OVER!!! (Well, at least as far as Reggie is concerned! LOLz!) Reactions??

[Image via Chris Connor/MEGA/WENN/Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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