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Levi Speaks About Break Up With Bristol Palin

Good Morning America caught up with Bristol Palin‘s babydaddy Levi Johnston and the 19-year-old admitted he wasn’t sure that his break up with Bristol would be forever, although it was mutual.
He said, “It’s just us, not me not being mature enough, or something, and having a kid and thinking. … It could be better, better for us to separate for a while. I think we both need some changes and growing up, but yeah, I think we can make it work.”
It will be great because baby Tripp and daddy Levi can grow up together!
He also cleared rumors that Bristol was being a Grade A Biotch and refusing to let him see their baby, saying, “I don’t know where they got that from, but I can go over there whenever and she lets me take him. We’re still really good friends. I mean, none of that was true” and added that he would “give anything for [Tripp], to be with him. [There are] a lot of changes when you’re a father (no shit!), when you hold him for the first time, you know. I don’t do a lot of things I used to anymore, I’ll tell you that.”
Kids raising kids is always a good idea!
The Palin family and the Spears family ought to have a play date! Bristol and Jamie Lynn could go shopping at the mall, Sexy Sarah and Lynne could babysit Tripp and Maddie, and Levi and Casey Aldridge could commiserate!
You can watch the PSA interview here.
[Image via AP Images.]

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Mar 16, 2009 14:30pm PDT

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