Lisa Goes Lezbo

Cisco Adler‘s new girlfriend, Lisa D’Amato, likes his balls….but she also loves some pussy too!

The America’s Next Top Model alum and wannabe musician got OUT OF CONTROL at a pre-Thanksgiving party on Wednesday night.

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A Perezcious reader just sent in this juicy report!

“Dearest Perez, a.k.a. Queen of all Media:

So after a truly bizarre and wonderful night last night, I woke up quite early, nursing a hangover I might add, to write you and tell you HOW FUCKING unbalanced and truly wierd Cisco Adler and his current girlfriend Lisa D’Amato from the fifth season of Americas Next Top Model are. I will say though that Cicso, (the wonderful c-lister that he is) was very kind to my friends and I, and let us snap and pose for pics all night long.

Our run in happened at Harrah’s Pool Bar in Atlantic City, NJ, where Cicso was scheduled to host the Thanksgiving Eve Party for the bar. (It MUST be said that no one throws a party like you Perez, especially at Harrahs Pool Bar….) So my four friends and I get there, start boozing it up in one of the cabanas, and are basically waiting for the “celeb of the night” to arrive. We go out on the dance floor, and Cicso arrives, in his usual tight-pants-squishing-my-big-balls look, and heads right to the dj booth to “do what he does best” (His words, not mine!). While dancing with my girls, my one friend, (whos name will be “Sally”) is gropped and molested by none other than Lisa from season five of Americas Next Top Model. Of course, we are all flabbergasted that shes even here, and we get SLIGHTLY star struck for like a minute. Then she starts trying to make out with “Sally”, and taking all sorts of pictures with her that are not eactly Top Model shots. (See pics above.)

An hour or so goes by with lots of liquor, more gropping, tons of molesting in the pool, and taking obscene pictures. Now here’s where the really juicy stuff comes into play.

My beautiful mamacita friend, who we shall call “Mami” is asked to come over and sit with Cicso on his break in his cabana. She polietly does just that, and is then berrated with Cicso trying to take her up to his room. Lisa (who told us earlier that Cisco was her ‘genious’ boyfriend) was FURIOUS that #1 an “average around the way girl” was better looking than her, and 2, that Cisco was trying to kick her out of his room for the night! Cicso is totally over Lisa screaming and making a scene, so he gives “Mami” his cell number and room number and tells her to come up, and that he and Lisa have seperate rooms so she doesn’t have to worry about her!! Lisa then proceeded to get in “Mami’s” face, saying she would beat her ass. I then stepped in and told Miss Lisa that yeah, shes a perfect size zero, and “five-head” (thats what she kept referring to Tyra as) may have made a mistake for kicking her off, but she was still a D-lister with a shitty youtube debut of her ill-fated rap album, and I would beat her ass Top Model Style if she raised a hand to “Mami” again. She laughed and said that I was right about “Five-head” kicking her off, and she grabbed her two-season ago betsey johnson hand bag and stormed off to her room….alone. What a loser.

The night was fabulous and soooo random.

After waking up, I turned on my camera and found all of these great expose-style shots! lol. I hope they work for you…..oh an thats “Sally” getting her bathing suit bottom pulled off by Lisa!!”

Nov 22, 2007 5:02pm PDT

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