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'True Villain Behavior'! The Upsetting Reason Taylor Swift Wrote So Much About Matty Healy!

Taylor Swift Why Tortured Poets About Matty Healy Pain Chaos

Taylor Swift fans were thrown for a loop by The Tortured Poets Department being way more about Matty Healy than Joe Alwyn.

How does it make sense she finally ends a six-year relationship, and it warrants fewer songs than her one-month rebound guy? One possible explanation we’ve seen over the past week is how Taylor and Matty had more than just that month — after all, they did briefly date back in 2014. Was this a decade-long situationship? Off and on when they weren’t seeing other people? In each other’s minds the whole time?

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Well, yes and no. An insider has an explanation that seems to make it all make sense — though it isn’t pretty. DeuxMoi got the scoop from “a source close to Taylor,” reading the detailed rundown on her Deux U podcast Thursday. The source said TTPD isn’t about the whole Matty thing, it really only “represents a very intense and specific period of her life”:

“Everything came to a head for her last spring and summer. The Joe relationship had been painfully circling the drain for months, if not years, but it was devastating to end it once and for all, the tour started, and then Matty came on the scene and completely toyed with her and manipulated her in the most love bombing, narcissistic fashion imaginable, like true villain behavior.”

Whoa! That sounds horrible! We got a f**kboy sense, as did a lot of her fans, but it sounds like louder alarm bells should have been ringing! The source continued:

“It was just pain and chaos and confusion, and that was what she was sitting in when she wrote 95% of this album.”

Damn. That really does make sense! But if you’re looking to attack Matty, you need to calm down. The insider reassures:

“But it’s over now, it’s well and truly done. It ended the minute she started recording the songs and getting it almost literally out of her system.”

Or literately out of her system? But seriously, sublimating it all into music allowed her to move on and meet Travis Kelce just a few weeks later without carrying all that baggage around! The source explained:

“It was because it was so totally over and she was cleansed of it, and she was able to move into the best, healthiest relationship of her life with Travis. She wasn’t originally gonna have any songs about him on the album, but she’s so happy where she is with him now that she couldn’t help herself from writing about it, and she didn’t want to sit on those songs.”

Aw, that’s nice! Finally the source gave an excellent breakdown of exactly why some relationships — notably the more fleeting flings like Matty — get all the attention in Tay’s music:

“People need to realize that when Taylor is truly and deeply in love with someone, and in a fully committed relationship, she doesn’t really write that much about it once it’s over. The people that truly become a part of her don’t get written about in a nasty or angry way. Just ask Calvin Harris. They were together for over a year, and she really loved him and out of respect for that she hasn’t written angry songs about him. If you want to be spared a nasty Taylor song being written about you, make sure you’re decent enough to last in her life for longer than three months.”

That all makes so much sense! No wonder a terrible month fueled a disproportionate amount of music compared to six years! And it really does sound awful! We wonder if we’ll ever hear the extent of how bad Matty really was…

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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