Lori Loughlin Complains About Paying For Olivia Jade’s Education In Resurfaced 2017 Video — Awkward!

Well… this is pretty damn awkward!

In the YouTube video (above) from Olivia Jade‘s channel, first published all the way back on December 22, 2017, Lori Loughlin openly complains — twice — about how much money she’s had to pay for her daughter’s education while the pair joke about slang terms on camera. The money references are likely directed more towards paying for Olivia’s private high school tuition, at the time, but based on Loughlin’s recent legal woes in that far-reaching college admissions scandal, this video is NOT a good look for her. Busted!

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In the video in question at the top of this post here, Olivia Jade invites her mom on cam to test the Full House alum on teen slang at the end of the 2017 calendar year. Loughlin does pretty well with some of the slang terms — she even teaches Olivia Jade something about the phrase “it’s lit” — but at multiple points in the video, she also makes some now-cringeworthy comments about her daughter’s pricey education.

It all starts when OJ quizzes her mom (who she refers to at one point as “L-Dog”) about the phrase “England Is My City,” pulled from YouTuber Jake Paul‘s It’s Everyday Bro music video and initially rapped by fellow YouTuber Nick Crompton. Loughlin immediately gets confused about the phrase, for obvious reasons, and then questions why she’s paying so much for Olivia’s education if the girl thinks England is a city.  Oops!

Later in the video, when OJ fails to realize that “clout” is a real word, and not just a slang term made up by teens in 2017, Loughlin once against exasperatedly mentions how expensive the girl’s education has been… so awkward!!!

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Knowing now that Loughlin and her husband are being charged in federal court with paying up to half a million dollars in bribe money to help get Olivia Jade into college at the University of Southern California makes this video all the more crazy. It also really begs the question… why wouldn’t Olivia delete these videos to try to curtail all the controversy?? She’s already disabled comments to at least quiet some of the chatter on her channel… but leaving these videos up sure is a DECISION, y’all!!!

What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?! Have you been going back through Olivia Jade’s old videos obsessively, or is it just us trying to get more insight into this crazy family?? Sound OFF on your reactions here in the comments (below)…

Mar 17, 2019 11:43am PDT