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There Is A Man In Los Angeles Who Is An Orgasm Whisperer – REALLY!

There Is A Man In Los Angeles Who Is An Orgasm Whisperer

A former personal trainer in El Lay may hold the secret to the best orgasm(s) of your life – at least according to many people who have raved about his services.

Yep, there is apparently a mystery man that claims he has unlocked the key to the kingdom of ultimate pleasure and is sharing his techniques with the world! The guy, who keeps his identity anonymous only going by “The O-Man,” runs an entire business dedicated to helping people reach the big O through his program called The O-System, in which one pays $300 for access to his secrets through remote or in-person training. If you are curious as to what they are, well, he finds that a better orgasm all comes down to a person’s … alignment. We are not joking, here! His mission statement says on the website:

“If you’re someone who’s had difficulty coming during masturbation or sex, you may believe you’re ‘broken’ or that there’s something ‘wrong’ with you. You might feel ashamed, angry, confused, or exhausted, told ‘just relax’ or that the problem’s ‘all in your head.’ Well, what if it wasn’t? What if the secret to unlocking orgasms, greater pleasure, and a more fulfilling, connected sex life wasn’t just in your mind, but in your joints, muscles, and the alignment of your hips and spine?”

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In his sessions, he apparently assesses a client’s posture and helps align their spines and pelvises through things like Theraguns or other vibrating tools and massage therapy. Basically, he finds that one’s ability to orgasm can be greatly improved by releasing the tension within the body and realigning everything.

Before anyone starts thinking this cannot be true, according to an article from MEL Magazine, he has been deemed “the Valley’s secret orgasm whisperer” – and many women seem to agree with that sentiment as well! Several even told the outlet that he was a “f**king genius.” His testimonials are full of praise, with many saying he helped them orgasm for the first time ever or several times in a row:

“Through doing the O Man’s workouts my posture improved, my body felt better, and my orgasms became expansive and almost endless. It really surprises me how the orgasmic energy just keeps rolling and rolling, like giant tsunamis of pleasure instead of little sneezes of relief.”

“The O Man has unlocked the magic of my own body and it has changed my life. I came to him not believing my body could orgasm, and in one session, he made me orgasm multiple times.”

“Through these weekly sessions, I’ve completely transformed my relationship with my body. I found strength that I didn’t know I had. Each week, I feel the tune-ups to my tertiary muscles – By strengthening them, I developed better gross and fine motor skills. I have no knee or shoulder issues and have successfully avoided costly diagnostics and imaging. With his help, I’ve laid down new patterns and paths, and my body communicates with my mind differently. My body and my sex life have never been more potent.”


Perhaps, Cheryl Burke should hit him up…

And medical experts also think there are some great ideas behind his practice! Pelvic health physiotherapist and founder of Body Co. Health and Wellness, Melanie Stevens Sutherland, told Glamour:

“Without being overly familiar with the concept, certainly it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that improving orgasm could be a really fortuitous byproduct of increasing alignment. One of the things we know when we look at pelvic health is that one of the main functions of the pelvic floor is sexual tone [the tone of the vaginal and rectal canals and their ability to contract and relax for a positive sexual experience], enjoyment and pleasure. What we’re looking for is a good balance in muscular tone and muscular mobility. So he’s not wrong that being in good alignment optimizes those conditions.”

Christi Pramudji, MD also noted:

“I do agree that alignment is important and that it can definitely impact pelvic pain. There’s no scientific data or proof, but logically what he does makes sense. Because if things are out of alignment, the muscles are spasming, they’re tightening the blood flow so that is not as good for the pelvic area. It’s possible that [the O-Man’s techniques] really could make a big difference.”

So how did The O-Man get into this business? In an interview with Glamour, he shared he had been a personal trainer and was in an accident at “a bougie gym in Burbank” and hurt the dorsal scapular nerve in his back. While he “shrugged the injury off like a dude” for a couple of years, he later started doing physical therapy and psychotherapy:

“I got diagnosed with anxiety and then I began following a basic path of hip stretches and steps to help to relax the throat, which would help with anxiety or panic attacks.”

During this time, he told the publication that his family members were also diagnosed with lung disorders so he decided to do some research to help him out:

“To help them. I wanted to learn everything that I could about breathing, which also tied into the ribs, which also tied into my injury.”

The sex expert then studied the muscle groups, especially the deep front line of muscles that give “stability and structure to your body.” His physical therapist ended up telling him to put together both the physical and emotional exploration, explaining:

“It became a quest to figure out what would affect that deep line. And the stuff that I learned that affected the deep line affected all the muscles along it, which include the pelvic floor.

He continued:

“The important thing to remember is that nothing ever in life or in the body happens in isolation. So in the training context, if you sit and you do a machine that’s a bicep curl, there’s several other things that are happening. Your hips are shortened; you’re on a seat usually. All those things go unquantified while you’re busy working out your bicep. So it’s the stuff that you’re neglecting going through the basic motions that I became very fascinated with, and that’s very easily translated into an intimate context.”

By 2019, The O-Man tested out everything he learned. He went out on a date with a woman one night and noticed she had been misaligned. And after completing some exercises, he allegedly was able to make her orgasm 42 times in two hours!

42 TIMES IN TWO HOURS?!?!? What?!

She then posted about the experience on a Facebook group, urging others to go see him:

“This guy will make you squirt.”

He soon became interested in making women orgasm “for minutes at a time until they have an expanded sexual response and hallucinate.” When the pandemic hit in 2020 and his work as a trainer dwindled, he started up the business and has been helping people reach their orgasm potential ever since.

Damn… Can we expect to see an “O-Man” storyline on And Just Like That… next season? LOLz!

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