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Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Defends Showing A LOT Of Skin In New Paper Magazine Shoot

lourdes leon : defends showing LOTS of skin in new paper mag shoot

Lourdes Leon is baring it all – literally and metaphorically.

The model posed for a sexy new spread in Paper magazine, and she was not afraid to show a bit (or a LOT) of skin. Not only that, but she also spoke up for herself and other women who might want to wear a little less fabric.

When asked how she feels about the media’s “hyper-sexualized” image of her, she responded:

“First of all, I would say that showing skin does not equate with hoe activity, ok? … And I think it’s a bit ridiculous that people are still living in this world where we’re equating showing skin with wanting attention or being a hoe. Literally, like let a bitch. Let her wear what she wants.”

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She went on:

“[Obviously] men f**king run the world, so men’s notions influence everybody’s notions. And everybody has their f**ked up male views, even though they’re not even male. This ties back into the way I feel about social media. It seems to me that if you’re coming onto social media, you need to follow a certain set of rules to make people like you, is what I realized. You have to follow these rules and be cute, be polite and be nice. Not do too much of this, not do too much of that. You can’t talk s**t to anyone because people will be so mad at you, even though they’re talking s**t to you in the first place, but you can’t clap back. God forbid you clap back.”

Madonna’s daughter observed that society still hasn’t caught the “drift of with sexual autonomy” that women can be “as least or as most sexual as you want.” She stated:

“I don’t judge other women in that way, so I don’t apply those rules to myself. As soon as you use what has been weaponized against you, especially growing up in the media as a woman, people put all these pressures on you. Be hot, but not too hot. Be the virgin and the whore at the same time.”

Lourdes reflected:

“People really place a lot of value in women on how they look and how sexual they are. So the second you reclaim that sexuality as something that is your own, people are f**king mad. As soon as you use that thing that’s being used against you, and you’re like, ‘Let me make this mine, let me do this my way,’ … You’re nasty. It’s only ok if it’s other people telling you to be sexual. It’s not ok for you to decide for yourself. So that’s what I have to say about that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the choreographer called haters “unoriginal” for comparing her to her famous momma, and expressed her distaste for the “lack of personal style” in fashion due to TikTok and social media trends.

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She also threw some causal shade at Justin Bieber’s wife, relating how much she hates the casual oversized blazer look. When her interviewer suggested she might rock one with “a slutty look” underneath, she sneered:

“Yeah, that’s giving Hailey Bieber for me. … I said what I said. The sexy corporate America look is not for me. Maybe I’ll get into it when I’m a little more grown. We’ll see. Never say never, but that’s just something I have seen where I’m like, ‘All these bitches in these blazers three times their size,’ I can’t.”

Phew! She’s one opinionated fashion icon, isn’t she? After years of keeping her life super private, it seems like she’s coming out onto the scene with guns blazing. We love it, TBH – keep it coming Lourdes!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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