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Love Is Blind's Chelsea Reacts To Fiancé’s Ex Jessica Saying He'll Need An 'EpiPen' When He Sees Her After Split!

Love Is Blind's Chelsea Reacts To Fiancé’s Ex Jessica Saying He'll Need An 'EpiPen' When He Sees Her!

When Love Is Blind‘s Jimmy Presnell had to pick between two women in the pods, things got HEATED! And now one of his suitors is opening up about an impassioned speech she delivered about her looks!

If you haven’t been following the Netflix reality show drama, Jimmy was dating a single mother, Jessica Vestal, as well as a flight attendant — and a so-called Megan Fox lookalikeChelsea Blackwell. Ultimately, he went for the celeb doppelgänger, causing Jessica to absolutely slam him for his decision!

In the pods, the momma argued that Jimmy would “choke” and “need an EpiPen” when he saw her out in the real world, something she insisted would make him regret his decision. It was a freakin’ intense thing to say, especially since viewers already believe the guy picked Chelsea because he thought she’d look like the Jennifer’s Body alum. So, was Jessica saying all this because she thought she was hotter than Chelsea? And is there some BTS beef brewing between them? Well, apparently not!

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In an interview with ET after the first batch of episodes dropped last week, Jessica insisted she was not comparing herself to Chelsea in the slightest, saying:

“I said, ‘You’re gonna choke when you see me.’ I didn’t mean it in just the physical sense of the word. I meant in every sense of the word because I know how much I have to offer someone.”

She went on to share the interview on her Instagram on Monday as “clarification” for her rant on the series, and Chelsea quickly slid into the comment section to show her support, writing:

“I love you sweet Jess.”

Replying, Jess chimed in:

“@chelseadblackwell I love you an insurmountable amount friend. Your happiness > my heartbreak.”


Didn’t expect them to be on SUCH good terms after vying for the same man! Jimmy also turned up in the comments, though he was more curious how his ex scored such a high-profile interview, questioning:

“Where did you schedule this interview? Asking for a friend.”

LOLz! See it all (below):

So far, it remains to be seen what becomes of Jimmy and Chelsea’s relationship. Or about Jimmy’s first impressions of Jessica! We’ll have to keep watching to find out. That said, the fact he’s commenting on her post suggests there isn’t much bad blood — these days, at least…

Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below) y’all!

[Image via Netflix]

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