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Red Flag? Love Is Blind Star Colleen Reveals The 'Biggest Ick' About Her Husband Matt -- & Discusses Why They Don't Live Together!

Love Is Blind Star Colleen Shares Matt's 'Biggest Ick' and Her Decision Not to Move In With Him

Love may be blind for these two, but it doesn’t mean Colleen Reed loves EVERYTHING her hubby Matt Bolton does!

The couple has already caused quite a stir on social media over their rocky relationship during Season 3 of Love Is Blind. While they did tie the knot, their nuptials didn’t come easily as they dealt with several big fights throughout the series. Then, fans grew concerned for Colleen during the reunion episode — going so far as to claim she might be the victim of an abusive relationship! She has since defended Matt and denied the abuse allegations.

But her unusual behavior wasn’t the only thing that drew attention during the special. The husband and wife also announced they are NOT living together at the moment! And mind you, it’s been a year-and-a-half since Netflix wrapped filming on this season. And they still aren’t living together?! Umm, red flag, anyone?

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Well, Colleen is no stranger to the rumors surrounding her relationship and she tackled them head-on during an Instagram Live over the weekend. The reality star kicked things off by addressing the living situation, replying to one fan (according to ET):

“Let’s address this right away. No, we don’t live together right now, but we will in the spring. We pretty much stay with each other every single night of the week.”

While complicated leases played a “big factor” in this decision (as she claimed in the show), there was also another more important reason they decided to hold off on living together. She shared:

“It was due to the fact that we wanted to slow things down. I mentioned at the reunion that we got married in a weird way so we’re doing marriage in a weird way. It’s very hard to explain, but it works for us right now. We really just wanted to not mess this up and jump right into shared spaces, just slow it down a little bit. We can’t wait to move in around May of next year, hopefully, buy a house, so we’ll see.”

Alright, we can understand that. After all, they did get married after knowing each other for just a few weeks!! But waiting THIS long still seems a little odd… Fingers crossed it’s not a sign of reservations! Speaking of…

They may not be living together yet, but Colleen has picked up on some things she doesn’t love about her husband! And she didn’t hesitate to reveal her “biggest ick” about Matt! Don’t worry, though, he was standing right behind her putting up holiday decorations so it’s not like she was dissing him behind his back. (Now that would pose problems for their marriage.) LOLz! The Senior Digital PR Strategist spilled the tea, saying:

“The biggest ‘ick’ that Matt gives me is he puts the egg shells in the carton after he’s done. It’s the most aggravating thing you can do.”

If eggshells are the biggest thing these two have to work through, then we bet they’ll be okay. But let’s just hope this isn’t a metaphor for something more concerning. You know, like she’s having to walk on eggshells around him!

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If you’re rooting for Colleen and Matt though, you’re in luck. It sounds like they are already planning their second wedding — and this one is going to be even more extravagant than their televised nuptials! She dished:

“I would love our second wedding to be in Scotland or Ireland.”

Oooh, a destination wedding. So fun! While there has been a lot of speculation about their marriage, the ballerina went on to insist they have only grown stronger, especially after getting through the reunion together. Colleen said:

“We got to take this time to be confident in who we are, what we want, what our future is going to look like and we’re solid in that. We’ve had now a year and a half to talk about anything and everything and be comfortable with what we’re going to watch. It’s honestly old news, at this point, for us.”

While defending her relationship against haters on Instagram earlier this month, the Netflix personality also admitted she wasn’t acting like herself during the most recent taping because she had let the internet’s opinions get in her head. Praising the sales executive for standing by her side through the tough times, Colleen added:

“Thank you to this man for holding me up when I was not my best. Thank you for being my boulder as you promised to me in our vows. During the reunion, I was not OK given the negative commentary I had experienced. I’ll be honest in saying I let the internet tear me down and take the light away from me. Matt did not let this happen. He has done everything possible to put a smile back on my face and bring me back. I held onto him for support. He reassured me that I was going to be okay. Watching it all back and filming the reunion only brought us closer than we ever thought we could get. I can’t thank him enough for being there for me.”

Very sweet. We just hope that eventually living together won’t make things more complicated for these two. Things tend to get harder when you don’t have your own place to run off to amid a rough patch! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know what YOU think about this pairing (below)!

[Image via Netflix/YouTube & Colleen Reed/Instagram]

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