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Love Is Blind's Colleen & Matt STILL Don't Live Together 2 Years After Wedding! BUT...

Love Is Blind’s Colleen & Matt Still DON’T Live Together Two Years After Wedding!

They may have fallen in love fast, but Colleen Reed and her husband Matt Bolton sure are taking their living situation slowly!

As Perezcious readers know, the pair got engaged sight unseen after growing a strong connection in the pods on the third season of Love Is Blind. But after all this time, they still haven’t moved in together!

On Tuesday’s episode of fellow alumni Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee‘s podcast, Out of the Pods, Colleen got candid about where she and Matt’s living situation stands today (including a very exciting update!), and why they’ve waited so long to share an address. She spilled the tea, saying:

“Me and Matt are going to move in together in the next two weeks.”

Whoa! It’s finally happening!!

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The ballet dancer then clarified the couple has not bought a house yet, but they have found a rental that they are looking forward to. She explained:

“We don’t have the finances to buy, by any means, but we’re going to rent in Dallas and then that gives us time to really find the perfect home for what works for us.”

She went on to clarify that while they have each had their own apartments, they have gotten used to sharing space since they spend the majority of their time together. The Netflix personality dished:

“We practically live together already. He basically stays at my place because it’s closer to work. I don’t think he’s gone to his place once in the past month. So I’m excited to live with him outside of a studio. I mean, if I can live with this man in a studio, then I can live with him wherever because I can’t get away from him in these four walls.”

Good point! Living in a studio is a real trial by ordeal for new couples! Though not having a backup place to escape to if things go wrong in the relationship will be the real test — soon they’ll see if they have what it takes to stay together for the long haul!

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While the couple’s financial situation after their 2021 wedding did play into the decision not to move in together right away, it wasn’t the only reason. Colleen noted:

“To kind of adapt to now living with someone, it takes a while. It takes a second, and both of us didn’t want to rush changing that, all of the sudden expediting that for other people.”

Even though they haven’t moved in together, it sounds like they’ve been put through quite a lot of challenges since their season of the show aired. Elsewhere in the conversation, the Texas native reflected:

“I went through a really, really hard time. I’m a really, really insecure person about my looks.”

The dancer noted she “didn’t have a healthy relationship with food” at the time her episodes aired and “always” had an insecurity about her face. So when her body language became the center of attention during the show’s reunion episode, she really struggled with her mental health:

“I just kept thinking of those things that people would say to me, so as soon as I was back on camera at the reunion, I just kind of shut down.”

As you might recall, after the reunion aired, fans raised concerns that Colleen was possibly in an abusive relationship, but she took to Instagram to shut down speculation that her behavior was a reflection of Matt’s temper or mistreatment of her. Later, the husband and wife told Us Weekly the rumors were “absolutely not true.” If they’re ready to take the leap and live together then hopefully it means their relationship is going well! You can hear Colleen open up about all things Love Is Blind (below)!

Thoughts?! Do you think they’ll transition well to living together after all this time? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Colleen Reed/Instagram]

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