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North West's Bloody Prank On Kim Kardashian Was Mistaken For A REAL Murder!

North West's Bloody Prank On Kim Kardashian Was Mistaken For A REAL Murder!

North West is really good at special effects makeup! Like maybe a little too good, actually!

The 9-year-old girl’s proud (and amazed!) momma Kim Kardashian revealed as much in her recent interview with Allure. Of course, we’ve been tracking the contents of that August cover story chat in large part because Kim used it to reveal the work she’s gotten done on her face. Always a page-turner!!

But as the Selfish author was keen to reveal to the outlet, she’s not the only one who’s making moves! Nori’s interests are just a little different than her momma’s at this point. Definitely still in the beauty realm! Just not as… beautiful? LOLz!!

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The 41-year-old reality TV star explained to the mag that her daughter is very interested in special effects makeup. It’s something we’ve heard Kim reveal before, but this time, the SKIMS founder dished about how she decided to get North some lessons to perfect the craft:

“North is really into special effects makeup, and she’s really good at it so I have a teacher come and show her special effects makeup where it’s like wounds and blood and tons of stuff.”

That’s kind of random for a 9-year-old to get into, but actually super unique and fun! Gotta find what makes you tick, Nori. We’re all the way here for that!! Fresh off her lessons, then, Kim’s oldest daughter decided to put her new knowledge into use. As the momma of four explained, North used a recent family trip to set up a fake crime scene and scare her brood:

“She’s actually so good that I rented a house this summer … and she decided not only to prank me and do [the makeup] on her and Chicago, but she made the whole room look like a murder scene.”

Wow! But here’s the thing: the murder scene was so realistic that it actually almost triggered a police investigation!!

Kim told the mag that after being amazed at her daughter’s prowess, the fam was “too tired” to clean up the fake blood around the house that night, and they decided to go to bed. The next day, Kim left the messy house to take the kids to school. Before she could get back and tidy up, the housekeeper showed up — and mistakenly assumed it was an active crime scene!!

Kim recalled:

“The housekeeper came and tried to call the authorities and called the homeowner thinking that it was a full, real murder scene. I had to let them know that it was completely just a prank and my kids were doing special effects makeup. It was bad.”

Holy s**t!!

The family prank the night before was probably fun itself, but North is clearly really talented if she’s getting THAT reaction the next day!

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Of course, Perezcious readers will recall that North has had a fun spooky vibe for a while now. Kim has previously joked about her “goth” daughter. And last month on The Tonight Show, Kim told host Jimmy Fallon that North requested her recent birthday getaway be focused on some of the world’s dark energies:

“We took about eight kids, eight girls, and we went camping in the wilderness. She wanted it to be really spooky. She wanted mannequin heads, and there was a whole class. She taught her friends how to do special effects, wounds and scars.”

So random, but so unique, and so fun!

It’s honestly cool to see North grow older and get into her interests and personality — especially since they are so different from her momma’s realm. Definitely not what we expected Kanye West‘s oldest daughter, but we dig it! LOLz! What about U, Perezcious readers??

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