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Madonna Sued By Concertgoer In New Class Action For, Uh, What?! SERIOUSLY?!?

Madonna Sued By Concertgoer In New Class Action For, Uh, WHAT?!

UPDATE 06/19/2024 5:40 P.M. PST: Good news for Madonna! According to legal documents obtained by TMZ on Thursday, Michael Fellows and Jason Alvarez — who sued the singer for starting her show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn a few hours later — voluntarily dismissed their lawsuit.

While this typically means all parties involved reached a settlement, that was not the case in this situation! Sources with direct knowledge told the outlet Madonna did not settle with Fellows and Alvarez! They dismissed it on their own accord! Furthermore, the two dismissed with prejudice — meaning they cannot refile the lawsuit later on! So, this legal battle is truly over for Madge!


Madonna has been slapped with yet another lawsuit! And this one is more unhinged than the one about her being late! WAY more!

An upset “fan” filed a class action lawsuit against the pop star, claiming her Celebration Tour was way too pornographic for him! Justen Lipeles was the one to start the legal action on behalf of himself and others affected. His complaints stemmed from a March 7, 2024 show at the Kia Forum in California.

According to TMZ on Thursday, he had several reasons to be frustrated after the concert, claiming the Material Girl artist started the show more than an hour and a half late and was lip-syncing during parts of the show. OK, neither of those things are THAT uncommon for performers. Heck, Madonna was already slammed (and sued) for starting a different show three hours late! But that’s not all!

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The fan also claimed the singer had the venue’s air conditioning turned off, making it so hot he and others became physically ill. Yikes! He argued the 65-year-old ignored heat complaints, telling people to strip down to cool off. Not great. But lawsuit-worthy? Well, that’s just the beginning…

Here’s the shocking part! Justen also claimed he was subjected to “pornography without warning” because the show was so sexual, adding that he was “forced to watch topless women on stage simulating sex acts.” But, like, has he NEVER seen a Madonna performance before? She’s been doing that for decades! Topless girls and sexy dances are just kinda her thing! The main image (above) is from a concert in 2015! Not to mention her Sex book came out in 1992! Sorry, but her public image has been clear for over 30 years — it would be nearly impossible to argue you went to a Madonna concert without being aware of it.

But Justen is trying! Per court docs obtained by The Blast, he went after the musician, her promoter Live Nation, and others involved in her tour for six crimes: breach of written contract, negligent misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false advertising, negligence/negligent infliction of emotional distress, and unfair competition.

He believes they were all well aware of Madonna’s habits and even pointed to moments in the past in which she showed up late and turned off the AC during shows. We mean, he’s probably right, but we’d be shocked if anyone was unaware! He argues fans should have been warned about the possibility of her antics beforehand. Warned by, say, googling the words “Madonna concert” before buying tickets??

Justen is demanding a refund for the tickets and/or a portion of profits made from the concerts. Wow. Reactions?? Sound OFF (Below)!

[Image via WENN & Madonna/YouTube]

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