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Fans SLAM Madonna For Starting Concert Nearly THREE HOURS LATE -- But Her Team Claps Back!

Madonna SLAMMED For Starting Concern THREE HOURS LATE -- But Her Team Claps Back!

Madonna kicked off her highly-anticipated Celebration Tour in the US last night — and it got off to a VERY rocky start!

Fans at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn were quickly dismayed when they showed up to the concert and there was no sign of the Material Girl singer at showtime! They had to wait until nearly 11 p.m. until she finally started her performance — which means it didn’t end until just after 1 a.m.!!


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Taking to X (Twitter) to complain about the incredibly long delay, concertgoers wrote:

“I don’t give a f**k if you’re Madonna. If you’re 3 hours late, you’re just f**king rude.”

“Concert supposed to start at 8:30. Madonna started at 11pm. Whole arena chanting bulls**t at her lateness. Great show but went way too late”

“2:30 hours late. I WANT A REFUND NOW”

“I love Madonna but it’s really f**ked up how she’s literally like 2 hours late for her FIRST show in the us”

“People are doing the wave at Madonna because she isn’t out yet this is her worst crime”

“Madonna started her show 2.5 hours late last night? Will not be spending money to see her no ma’am that s**t pisses me off. Taylor [Swift] may be a capitalist but she respects her fans time and starts on time as do many many great artists.Lady Gaga starts on time, Beyoncé starts on time”

Jeez! Upsetting your fans THIS BAD on the opening night of the new leg of her tour isn’t a good sign.

Others weren’t pleased with the opener DJ Honey Dijon, saying she opened the show with “boring house music.” Oof.

So, what happened?!

Well, a source told Page Six on Thursday morning that there was some kind of technical issue during sound check that caused the 65-year-old to be late — but they insisted she was only an hour behind schedule! Huh??

Per a TMZ source close to the star, the doors opened at 7:30 with Honey Dijon scheduled to go on at 8:30. Madonna wasn’t meant to step on stage until between 9:30 to 10 p.m. (Wow! The DJ had a LONG set — no wonder folks got bored!) Eventually, the Popular vocalist began her performance at nearly 10:45 p.m., which is definitely a big difference if you’d been there from the start! We get why people were so mad!

The only good news is that the Grammy winner did eventually perform a full show, which many people thought was worth the wait. Phew! At least she was able to win some people over even after all that. Now we just wonder what kind of tech issue took her team hours to fix — considering sound check would’ve happened well before the show. Hope it doesn’t happen again!!

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[Image via WENN & The Tonight Show/YouTube]

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