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Man Tries To Cut Off Girlfriend's Head With A Yo-Yo

Derick Dillman yoyo strangle girlfriend arrested

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A North Dakota woman quite literally had to race for her life when her boyfriend suddenly tried to murder her with a toy in their car.

On Tuesday, Derek Dillman (pictured above) was arrested after allegedly attempting to decapitate his girlfriend, Michelle Kihlstrom, with a yo-yo as she was driving him to the local police station. According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Law & Crime, the 32-year-old asked his GF to give him a lift to turn himself in on outstanding warrants related to driving on a suspended license and fleeing from police from the previous year.

Kihlstrom agreed to drive. However, Dillman reportedly changed his mind on the way to the station: the affidavit alleges he started kicking the dash and the windshield and making threatening comments, twice telling her:

“I am going to f**king kill you.”

Kihlstrom claimed her boyfriend of two years grew even more irate as they got closer to the station; so much that she started to fear for her life. She told police she ran a red light “so she could get to the Police Department faster,” the affidavit states.

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That’s when the situation escalated into violence. The document explains:

“Michelle stated after she ran the red light, Derek wrapped a Yoyo string around Michelle’s neck and cinched the string in an attempt to kill her as she was turning into the parking lot at the police department.”


Kihlstrom later told police that Dillman had modified the yo-yo string to be used as a murder weapon, as “he believes the string can slice off a human head.”

JFC! WTF?! (Also, probably a red flag that someone isn’t BF material, girl.)

Fortunately, he was probably full of it as the string broke, and she was able to flee the car and make her way into the police building — where she reported a domestic assault to Bismarck Police Officer Casey Uhler.

Uhler wrote in a report:

“Michelle suffered injury from the string and I observed marks going around her whole neck, consistent with a string or wire.”

Sounds silly but still a very scary incident!

Despite being at the police station, Dillman then escaped. Officers discovered him fleeing the parking lot in the car — which he was still suspended from driving — on a police security camera. Around 2:30 that day, he was spotted by another officer riding a mini bike “that is not required to be licensed or registered in North Dakota,” the affidavit notes.

The officer tried to get Dillman to pull over by activating his lights and ordering him to stop, but the defendant refused to obey, only responding:

“I have to get to the Capital.”

He fled and made his way to the North Dakota State Capital Grounds, where he was eventually caught and arrested. While being detained by a third officer, Dillman insisted his name was actually Josiah Dire.

Dillman was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, terrorizing an adult victim, fleeing a police officer from a felony offense, and attempting to provide false information to law enforcement. He also received yet another citation for driving with a suspended license. He’s due in court on Thursday.

[Image via Bismarck Police Department]

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