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Mandy Moore Credits The 'Hard Knocks Of A Divorce' For Her New Outlook On Life!

mandy moore talks hard knock divorce cosmo
Mandy Moore is living her best life.
Not only is the 33-year-old starring on NBC‘s smash hit, This Is Us, but she’s also found love again with fianc├â┬⌐ Taylor Goldsmith. Although Miz Moore is definitely feeling herself these days, she’s had to overcome quite a bit to get to this place.
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Specifically, the pop star turned actress had to deal with the devastation surrounding her divorce to Ryan Adams. In case you forgot, back in 2015, the A Walk To Remember star split from the celebrated singer-songwriter after six years of marriage. Although it wasn’t an easy time, Mandy has credited this period for making her stronger.
She told Cosmopolitan:

“It’s a combination of getting older and wiser and going through the hard knocks of a divorce. You realize, I’m not going to take anyone’s shit.”

Well said. Moore continued:

“It’s emboldened me. There’s power in saying no and in asking for what you deserve. There is power in knowing your value…I know myself better now. I know what I want and what I deserve.”

And Mandy isn’t just utilizing this confidence to further her career, as she’s also advocating for the current women’s rights and equality movement. On the climate change in Tinseltown, the Candy singer noted:

“We’re having a real cultural reckoning├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥one that’s definitely past due. Men have been using their positions of power to take advantage of women, and it’s so prevalent├óΓé¼┬ª I can only hope that what’s happening encourages more women [to speak out] and it serves to put women in more powerful positions across the spectrum and in entertainment specifically├óΓé¼┬ªas studio heads, directors, writers, and producers. I think it’s going to help women ascend to the top faster.”

Hear! Hear!
Nowadays, Mandy is certainly ready to take her career to the next level. After “three failed pilot seasons,” Moore revealed that she knew she’d do “absolutely anything to be a part of” This Is Us.
The industry vet obviously loves her on-screen fam as she only had glowing things to say about them all:

Milo Ventimiglia: Boundless (+ just the greatest in every way). Chrissy Metz: Spectacular (one of the funniest / crazy talented), Sterling K. Brown: Majestic (brilliant doesn’t even cover it) and Justin Hartley: Magnificent (+ tall + utterly handsome).”

We couldn’t agree with Mandy more (see what we did there?? LOLz). Be sure to ch-ch-check out her full interview HERE and snaps from her cover shoot (below)!

A goddess!
[Image via WENN.]

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