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Cue The Tears -- Mandy Patinkin Confirms Princess Bride Scene Was Inspired By His Own Father's Death In Emotional Video

mandy patinkin : confirms his princess bride scene was inspired by father's death in emotional video

Now this is the power of a great movie.

The Princess Bride is a timeless classic beloved by many, but every fan has a different experience of the film. For some it’s the nostalgia, happiness, and humor that stands out. For others, the comedy has an even deeper, more personal meaning.

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TikTok user Amanda Webb shared her emotional experience of the movie on the app. Hoping to reach Mandy Patinkin (aka Inigo Montoya), she referenced the scene where Inigo finally confronts his father’s killer, Count Rugen, the six-fingered man (played by an uncharacteristically evil Christopher Guest). When Rugen offers him “anything” he wants in exchange for mercy, Inigo stabs him and delivers the powerful line:

“I want my father back, you son of bitch.”

In her TikTok, Amanda explained that she and her father, who passed away of cancer in March 2021, shared a love for The Princess Bride. Emotionally, she then said:

“I saw on the Internet the rumor that when Mandy Patinkin said that line, he was thinking of his own father who passed away from cancer, and it was a very raw emotion. … Ever since then, it’s kind of really stuck with me. So I guess I just kind of wanted to know if… that’s a true thing, or if that’s a real thing. … Because it means so much more to me now than it ever did.”

The actor’s son Gideon Grody-Patinkin showed Amanda’s video to his dad and mom, Kathryn Grody, who both teared up over her story. In his own video response, Mandy addressed her directly, saying:

“First of all, your dad has taken care of you. Secondly, it is true. 100 percent true. I went outside in this castle and walked around… And I kept talking to my dad and I said, ‘Dad, I’m going to get this guy.'”

The 68-year-old continued:

“From the minute I read the script, I knew. I said to Kath, ‘I’m going to do this part, because in my mind, if I get this six-fingered guy, that means I kill the cancer that killed my dad, and I’ll get to visit my dad.'”

Wow. What an incredible backstory.

Through tears, he recalled:

“And that moment was coming. And I went and I played that scene with Chris, and then I went back out there and talked to my dad. And so, you can talk to your dad anytime you want, anywhere you want.”


In a Twitter thread, the Homeland alum further elaborated on how his and his wife’s stories both paralleled the fan’s:

“My dad died of cancer when I was 18. Kathryn’s parents died within a year of each other when she was 25, her dad of a heart attack while her mom was sick with cancer. The loss of them has been a huge part of our lives and a huge part of what forged our bond together. We are so sorry for your loss, so moved that this movie meant something to you and your dad and so glad you asked this question. We hope you find all kinds of ways to keep the memory of him alive and all kinds of ways to move forward & through this pain and loss.”

In the video, Kathryn also tearfully expressed gratitude to Amanda for sharing her story and recommended their daughter-in-law’s organization The Dinner Party, which connects young 20- and 30-somethings experiencing grief so that “you can find people that understand what you’re going through, and can help you.”

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In another sweet moment, the Broadway alum offered to add Amanda’s dad’s name to his list of daily prayers. His son also shared a lighter behind-the-scenes clip where Kathryn mixed up the famous line and Mandy wondered, “Did she ever see the movie?”

Concluding his message to Amanda, the performer stated:

“I’ve had a number of gifts that I never imagined from the gift that keeps on giving, called The Princess Bride. But you took the cake.”

What a beautiful story, and a truly lovely connection. We’re so lucky to have Mandy Patinkin on social media for moments like this!

[Image via Lu Chau/WENN & Movieclips/YouTube]

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