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Exploiting The Dead


Is someone looking for past due child support or just some free publicity?

Reports are surfacing that an “alleged” Marlon Brando illegitimate child has come forward.

Rachel Anjel Brando, a 30 year old pop singer, is claiming that Brando impregnated her Polynesian mother and then disappeared from their lives.

Uhm, interesting. BUT…..

Why wait 30 years to make it public that he’s your father?

Could it be that she wants some publicity to make it past the “aspiring” singer stage?

Rachel claims, “I understand my father wanted me far from the U.S. for fear of someone finding out he once again had a child out of wedlock.”


She adds, “I was a bastard, fruit of a short-lived story between my mother and my father. For her it was the big love of her life, for him, just another girl he wanted to seduce amongst so many others.”

To these allegations, the executor of Marlon’s estate, movie producer Mike Medavoy, says, “I have no idea who she is or what she’s doing. I’m just afraid she’s using the name to raise money.”

Maybe he’s right!

Can’t we just leave the dead to rest in peace?

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May 14, 2008 15:00pm PDT

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