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Martha Stewart Says She Doesn't Need Tinder Because She Gets Plenty Of D Without It!


Martha Stewart has aged gracefully, and we don’t just mean how she looks STELLAR at 77.
With a hit new show alongside Snoop Dogg, gurl has really adapted to the times.
But one modern invention she hates? Dating apps.
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She told DailyMailTV her experience with was “brutal” because “the algorithm doesn’t fit” her. She adds:

“I haven’t tried Tinder yet.”

However, it doesn’t sound like she needs it. She says without the help of any technology “men are just lined up at the door.”
LOLz! Wow! We mean, we’re not actually sure if she’s being facetious, but we can absolutely believe it!
Not only is Martha still a stone cold fox, she also admits she’ll sometimes cook for a suitor on the first date — if she already knows him and thinks he’s worth it.
Damn that’s hot! We mean, nice. Ha!
BTW, be prepared to cowboy up, fellas — Martha’s favorite date is horseback riding.
[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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Oct 23, 2018 08:00am PDT

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