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Martha Stewart Says SOME Men Accused Of #MeToos Are Guilty But Others Just Have 'Awful Personalities'

Martha Stewart me too hot take

Martha Stewart is probably gonna regret these comments!

This week the OG lifestyle guru gave her thoughts on the #MeToo movement, which has derailed the careers of… many famous men she knows. While she acknowledged “some” of the accused were “certainly guilty” of the sexual misconduct allegations that were levied against them, she said others were merely accused for their “awful personalities” — suggesting that certain victims were overreacting with their allegations.

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The 79-year-old entrepreneur explained to Harper’s Bazaar:

“It has been really painful for me. I’ve known almost every single one of the famous guys that has been accused and set aside.”

“Set aside”? OMG she’s talking about it like it’s #CancelCulture and not, you know, consequences for horrible actions. She continued:

“Some were certainly guilty of a lot of what was accused. But some were — it’s just their awful personalities. I am not going to mention their names, but I know those people very, very well, and you know the man just talks about sex during dinner. That doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Um… gurl, what?

Obviously, there’s a huge problem with Martha’s take here. We mean, we’re sure she’s had to deal with lots of disgusting dinner talk in her time, but that doesn’t mean whoever she’s referring to didn’t actually sexually harass or assault someone when she wasn’t around. Unless she was with these so-called disgusting individuals 24/7 (and that’s not exactly a good character reference to begin with), Martha can’t dismiss or downplay any of the victims’ claims.

The former model confessed her controversial take on the movement is due in part to her work in finance during her 20s, when sexual harassment was simply part of the job for women. She remembered:

“I mean, every man on Wall Street was trying to get you. Every man was trying to touch you in the cab.”

Martha recalled that women had to put up with such disgusting behavior back then to get ahead, adding:

“You had to keep your cool and just do your thing, and brush them away.”

It’s awful women have had to deal with this for so long. It’s awful Martha had to put up with it. But times are changing, M.Stew — so get on board!

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The TV personality went on to reflect on her own personal reckoning: when she was convicted and sentenced to five months in prison for alleged insider trading in 2004. Stewart detailed:

“I knew I was strong going in and I was certainly stronger coming out. It was a very serious happening in my life. I take it very seriously. I’m not bitter about it, but my daughter knows all the problems that resulted because of that. There’s a lot.”

Although she may not be bitter about the scandal overall, Martha is still salty about the big opportunity she missed because of it. She explained:

“My only big regret that I can talk about is that Saturday Night Live asked me to host. My probation officer wouldn’t give me the time. That really pissed me off, because I would have loved to have hosted Saturday Night Live.”

What do U think about her #MeToo comments, Perezcious readers? Will Martha have to apologize for this down the line?

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