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Rebel Wilson Describes Disgusting #MeToo Experience With Male Co-Star & His Friends

Rebel Wilson male costar ass finger metoo

Rebel Wilson is not laughing about the time one of her male co-stars behaved incredibly s**tty toward her.

The Pitch Perfect star got candid about her experiences with sexual harassment as she discussed the #MeToo movement on an episode of Ant Middleton’s show Straight Talking this week, detailing not one, but two shocking incidents.

The first of the incidents was with a filmmaker in a hotel room. The 40-year-old actress told the former Royal Marines Commando:

“One was with a director in a hotel room, but nothing happened because, (this was in Australia), his wife called abusing him saying he was trying to sleep with me.”

So much ick… but Rebel’s second experience was even more nauseating, if you can believe it.

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The Aussie starlet claimed that a male co-star of hers, whom she chose not to name, once asked her to “put my finger up his ass” — and he asked her to do the deed while his friends watched and had their phones out to record her reaction!

She elaborated:

“Then he pulled down his pants and I was a bit entrapped in a room.”

Not okay!

When asked if she reported him at the time, Rebel said:

“I called my agent immediately and said this happened. We made an official complaint to the studio. But I’m such a professional that I was like, well I’m still going to continue with the job. Which now I might not have.”

Sadly, so many women have put up with similar behavior — and many have put up with much, much worse — in an effort to seem “professional” in a world of double standards.

Wilson acknowledged that she may act differently if this type of experience would happen again in a post-#MeToo world, but noted:

“Things that happened to me aren’t that severe, but I’m still scared of naming the people.”

The starlet also talked about the sexist backlash she received for her dramatic weight loss. Explaining that she was trolled for transforming her body, with people saying she’s “not funny anymore,” while a male actor would be given “an Oscar” for losing weight, the comedienne mused:

“But when women do it, it’s like, ‘how dare she?’ Or ‘she’s trying to get a man.’”

Also not okay!

We’re glad Rebel’s speaking out about all this, and hope the actor in question realizes that spreading his cheeks in front of unsuspecting co-workers is no laughing matter.

Who do U think she’s talking about here, Perezcious readers?

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