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Matt LeBlanc's Appearance On The Friends Reunion Has Made Him A Meme In Ireland -- LOOK!

Matt LeBlanc is now everybody's favorite irish uncle after ireland memes him during the Friends reunion!

Forget his world-famous character of Joey on Friends, because Matt LeBlanc is now… an Irish uncle?!

The longtime actor took a turn on HBO Max‘s new Friends reunion that has been making the rounds this weekend, and there was something about his personality, the way he was dressed, and his overall look and demeanor that made an entire nation go CRAZY!

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While the much-anticipated Friends reunion really was awesome and everything we thought it could be, we definitely weren’t ready for all this.

LeBlanc almost immediately became the obsession of the entire nation of Ireland during the show, with fans literally ogling his look at the reunion and universally comparing him to “their favorite Irish uncle”!

Take his jovial attitude, his choice of black striped shirt, and even his laid-back demeanor with arms crossed as he sat for much of the show. Combined, it all came out as the perfect Irish uncle, apparently, and the natives couldn’t resist telling us all about it on Twitter!

Here are just a few of the reactions upon seeing LeBlanc during the popular sitcom’s reunion special (below):

“I enjoyed Matt Le Blanc’s ‘Da sitting on the couch during a quick stop at your grans’ performance.'”

“Never has a childhood of growing up in rural Ireland better prepared me for something more than it’s prepared me for this Matt LeBlanc being your uncle meme.”

“Matt LeBlanc sits like my da whenever he’s forced to go to my auntie’s gaff”

“matt leblanc is your uncle when your parents forced your 6 year old self to stand up in front of the adults after a family dinner and sing a song you just learned in primary school”

“‘Cmere to me what is it you’re studying now? Oh law right right very good ah jesus sure i’ll know who to ring so the next time i get myself into a bit of trouble!!'”

“I hope [LeBlanc] sees the love on Irish Twitter for him these last 24 hours.”


Here’s a thread attempting to corral all the very best and most quintessentially Irish memes made from LeBlanc’s look on the reunion special (below):

Who knew Joey was such a hit across the pond?!

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BTW, as multiple outlets have pointed out, LeBlanc isn’t even Irish! He’s Italian and French. Nevertheless, something just stuck with the good people of the internet and, well, here we are!

Ch-ch-check out the Friends reunion trailer (below) if you’ve forgotten the vibe LeBlanc was giving off:


Oh, and then there’s more!

Look what Courteney Cox did on Sunday, with a little help from Ed Sheeran (below):


The duo re-created the infamous Monica-Ross routine from the old Friends episode The One With The Routine in a new Instagram post published this weekend! So thorough! And so nostalgic!

Loving it!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via HBO Max/YouTube]

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