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Courteney Cox Blindsided After Fiancé Johnny McDaid Dumped Her 'Within The First Minute' Of Couples Therapy!

Courteney Cox Blindsided After BF Johnny McDaid Dumped Her ‘Within The First Minute’ Of Couples Therapy!

Couples therapy saves relationships! In theory… For many… But for Courteney Cox, it broke hers instantly!

The Friends alum appeared on Wednesday’s episode of the Minnie Questions podcast and opened up about a shocking moment in her relationship with Johnny McDaid. She spilled that about five years ago, she and the Snow Patrol band member went to their first couples therapy session — and Johnny broke up with her! Minute one! She recalled:

“I didn’t know it was coming, whether I should have or not. It was just like we went to this therapist to talk about our boundaries, what we could and couldn’t accept about each other.”

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The Scream star added:

“Instead he just broke up within the first minute, and I was like, ‘What?’ We were engaged. And I was so shocked. I was in so much pain. I also don’t like surprises.”

Within the first minute?? That’s WILD. Things must have been at a boiling point for him. But she defended his choice, calling him an “incredible human being,” adding:

“He was in that much pain in the relationship. There was that much that needed to be dealt with, that he had to protect himself around his heart.”

So instead of getting upset, Courteney worked on herself:

“As opposed to going f**k him, you know, getting in this mode of anger. I went in and I did the most work on myself by far. I learned how to claim my voice, boundaries — what were my motives in life — like, what was my part in this?”

The pair eventually did get back together, and now, the Ace Ventura star couldn’t be more “thankful” for that opportunity to grow individually as their relationship is now thriving:

“I’m so thankful for that breakup because when we got back together, it was a different relationship.”

We’re happy things worked out for these two! Thoughts? Let us know down in the comments.

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