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Meghan King & Jim Edmonds' Co-Parenting Drama Heightened Over Coronavirus Concerns! Details!

meghan king and jim edmonds struggle with coparenting during pandemic

The drama continues!!

As we’ve been reporting, there’s no sign of the battle between Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King and her ex Jim Edmonds coming to an end, even though they’re each in new relationships!!

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A rep for the former MLB star shared with Us Weekly what the current custody situation is like for the former couple’s three children:

“Jim is happy and relieved to have Aspen, Hayes and Hart back with him in St. Louis. Meghan’s social media and blog posts the past few weeks have been somewhat distressing and Jim was a bit concerned about her state of mind. Just to be clear, Jim has not traveled at all during the pandemic; he was in Nashville right before the situation escalated and has stayed home ever since. As happy as Jim is to have the kids home, he did not require Meghan to travel during this shutdown and bring them back. He would never do anything to put any of his children at risk.”

We can imagine co-parenting is an even greater struggle than usual right now given the pandemic. The rep added Jim “didn’t think it would serve any purpose” to have the three kids tested for COVID-19, despite recent travel and their father testing positive in early April:

“He felt there was no reason to put the kids at risk by bringing them to a hospital or testing facility considering they had absolutely no symptoms and were fine.”

The 49-year-old’s spokesperson also shared how Meghan “took the kids to Los Angeles without Jim’s knowledge or consent,” so for “her to demand that Jim send a private jet to pick them up is a bit much.”

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Obviously, King’s camp says that isn’t the whole story. A friend shared with the outlet:

“Meghan took every precaution to spend time with someone who makes her happy, after taking care of her kids for nine weeks in a row, and after being cheated on, left, and finding out via the media that Jim filed for divorce, then immediately moved on with a former friend and moved her into the home Meghan built.”

Noting that the podcast host attempted to work with her ex on the travel arrangements, the confidant revealed:

“She offered to fly [with the kids] back to St. Louis on a private plane and pay for half of it and he declined. She offered to keep them in California longer but Jim said no. Meghan also offered to get their kids tested for antibodies but Jim declined that too.”

Meg’s new beau Christian Schauf is also taking precautions against the virus, explained the friend:

“Christian has been tested twice for coronavirus and is negative. He could not be better prepared for this pandemic. He is an expert in this exact catastrophic event.”

We’re sure that’s not much consolation for Jim!

A rep for the former Bravolebrity also spilled:

“Meghan was within her rights to take the kids to California and to St. Louis and Jim asked that she bring them to St. Louis.”

It’s hard to determine who is right during an unprecedented pandemic, but we’re sure these two will battle that out regardless!

Thoughts on all the divorce drama, y’all?? We’re sure it’s not stopping anytime soon, unfortunately.

[Image via Meghan King/Jim Edmonds/Instagram.]

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May 20, 2020 10:37am PDT