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Melania Trump 'Quietly' Renegotiated Her Prenup With Donald Amid His Legal Problems!

Melania Trump Renegotiated Prenup Donald Legal Issues

Well, isn’t this inneresting?? We’ve heard from more than one “inside source” talking up the relationship Donald Trump still shares with Melania Trump. They’ve said she calms him down — no evidence of that — and that she’s supporting his presidential campaign behind the scenes — though we’ve seen no evidence of that either.

Now sources spilling to Page Six on Monday are painting a picture of a much more transactional relationship between the two.

An insider told the outlet the former model secretly made some changes to their prenup in the last few months:

“Over the last year, Melania and her team have been quietly negotiating a new ‘postnup’ agreement between herself and Donald Trump.”

Huh. It’s unclear what these changes were, but the two big stories about Donald over the last year are the fact he’s running for president again, and of course… he’s faced a deluge of legal consequences! He’s been indicted on 91 charges, relating to mishandling of top secret documents AND efforts to subvert the 2020 election. He’s also lost a civil case in which a jury found he’d committed sexual abuse against E. Jean Carroll — he raped her, in the popular parlance if not the legal, per the judge’s official ruling in the case.

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And of course most recently, a judge officially confirmed he also was a fraudster. As part of New York’s lawsuit against him and his sons and the entire Trump Organization for fraud, in which the state is looking to recoup $250 million, the judge straight up said the evidence is obvious on its face: Trump is a grifter who’s been lying to banks and the government for years.

OK, so amid all that, Melania has decided to adjust some things? No kidding, right? Her husband — who was supposed to be a billionaire — is worth a lot less than he said AND he’s hemorrhaging money to pay his legal bills! This is a LOT of cases to be fighting at once! The source agreed the new “agreement was necessary because of the current legal battles … [Donald] has suffered.” They say the former president “remains very rich, but with mounting legal bills and judgments” it’s looking bad.

The insider explains it’s not the first time Melania has done some renegotiating though:

“This is at least the third time Melania has renegotiated the terms of her marital agreement.”

We heard in Mary Jordan‘s 2020 book about Melania, The Art of Her Deal, that the First Lady renegotiated her prenup in 2017, too. Remember when Trump moved to the White House, and she stayed at the penthouse in NYC? How odd that was? It may have been a negotiating tactic. Divorcing a sitting president would have been a bad look for him! Seems she negotiated better terms just to move to DC!

The source maintains this new negotiation is NOT because she’s about to leave the former POTUS.

Uh, yeah, we know that! If she were about to leave, she wouldn’t be negotiating the prenup, she’d be falling back on it. Renegotiating means she’s staying — she’s milking a little more out of Donnie because she has something he wants. After all, every vote is going to count in this thing, and if Melania were to file for divorce, amid everything else, that would be a death knell for his political chances.

Frankly we’re shocked anyone is still supporting him given everything else we already mentioned (y’all heard about the sexual abuse, right??). But let’s be cynical for a moment, here. America won’t elect a guy going through a divorce. If your own wife, the woman who knows you best, is giving you a vote of no confidence, RIGHT AT THE MOMENT YOU’RE TRYING TO LEAD?? No way.

That’s what we mean. Melania holds the cards here, she has the power. That’s why she’s able to negotiate better terms for herself. The insider says it’s not like that:

“It’s not that she threatened to leave him. It’s definitely the underlying idea.”

LOLz! What underlying idea? That’s the only bargaining power she has! Maybe she didn’t threaten him in so many words, maybe she pulled a Trump and did the mobster thing of just making implications. But that’s definitely her big card to play.

But what is she asking for? If we were her, we’d change any percentages to actual amounts. After all, if he ends up filing for bankruptcy, half of nothin’ is NOTHIN’.

But this insider says first and foremost she’s being a mom — and looking after their son Barron Trump‘s future:

“Melania is most concerned about maintaining and increasing a substantial trust for their son, Barron.”

The source did say there was more money in there for herself, too, of course. Again, ask for a set number every year, NOT a percentage! Just sayin’…

Another insider shared a similar understanding of the negotiation:

“I know that she wanted it to provide her with more money, and also — from what I understand — there’s a specific amount at minimum that Barron is supposed to obtain.”

What do YOU think of Melania using her position to get a little more for herself and her son? It kinda implies she doesn’t think Donald would provide for Barron if she didn’t outmaneuver him legally, doesn’t it? Hmm.

[Image via Wheatley/DJDM/WENN.]

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