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Melissa McCarthy Reveals The WORST Part About Filming Gilmore Girls!

Melissa McCarthy Reveals the Worst Part About Her Time on ‘Gilmore Girls’

Stars Hollow may have been picturesque on the screen, but it was a nightmare for Melissa McCarthy and the rest of the cast IRL!

In a new interview with EW over the weekend, The Little Mermaid star opened up about the worst part of filming the beloved series Gilmore Girls! Melissa, who starred as Lorelai Gilmore’s best friend, chef Sookie St. James, dished that she couldn’t stand the heat — but also couldn’t get out of the kitchen!

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Yep, it was the temperature on set that caused problems for the actors — because they were filming in sunny California pretending to be New England:

“Sometimes we were, like, crammed into small things with coats on but it was actually like 112 degrees in Burbank. And we were like, ‘Brrr, Connecticut!’ And I was like, ‘Are we explaining why I have Malaria and why I’m in a full flop sweat?’”


Stressing how complicated the differing weather factored into set life, she added:

“When we did our first poster, someone passed out. Like, just [passed] out cold because we were all in coats and trying to look blustery and we were just sweating in weird places and [they were] like, ‘Look cold!’”

That’s def an unexpected acting challenge! But we’d say they pulled it off well! No one watching at home ever realized they were actually in 80 degrees SoCal weather!

Elsewhere in the conversation, the comedian was asked to predict what her character would be up to these days. She mused:

“She has like 42 kids. I think they’re growing weed. I think her and [her husband] Jackson [portrayed by Jackson Douglas] — she still cooks, but I think [they do] edibles. I think they run a very nice little mom-and-pop business with their 13 kids and she makes delicious edibles.”

Now that’s a Sookie we wanna see! Hear her walk down memory lane (below)!

Anyone else think it’s time for another Gilmore Girls reunion?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Netflix & EW/YouTube]

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