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Michelle Obama Reveals What Melania Trump Gifted Her On Inauguration Day AND Why She Dropped That Shady As Hell Look!

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We now know what Melania Trump gifted Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day.
In case you forgot, last year, Mrs. Obama went viral when she gave the BEST expression after receiving a Tiffany & Co. box from Mrs. Trump just before the inauguration. For a visit with Ellen DeGeneres, which is slated to air on Thursday, Michelle revealed what was inside the box AND gave some insight into her flummoxed look.
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In a teaser, the 54-year-old shared that Melania had gifted her with “a lovely frame.” Apparently, the whole meet and greet was awkward as hell, as the Trumps broke protocol from the moment they arrived.
For starters, Donnie noticeably didn’t wait or help his wife out of the SUV as they arrived at the White House. Not to mention, it isn’t typical for an incoming First Lady to give the outgoing FLOTUS a present.
The Chicago native explained:

“Well, there’s all this protocol. I mean, this is like a state visit, so they tell you that you’re going to do this, they’re going to stand here. Never before do you get this gift, so I’m sort of like okay.”

This move certainly threw Michelle off as she was trying to follow protocol for the important political event. In fact, her perplexed look came about as she frantically searched for an aide. She continued:

“What am I supposed to do with this gift? And everyone cleared out and no one would come and take the box. And I’m thinking do we take the picture with?”

What a nightmare. Thankfully, former president Barack Obama saved the day as he took custody of the blue box:

“And then my husband saved the day ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ see he grabbed the box and took it back inside. But everybody cleared out. No staff, no one. I was like what do you do with the box?”

How awkward.
As this is Michelle’s first TV interview since leaving the White House, be sure to check your local listings for Obama’s FULL appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
[Image via CNN/EllenTube.]

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