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3-Year-Old Dies After Nurse Allegedly Returned To Work After 4-Day Meth Bender

michigan 3 year old dies while nurse is on meth bender

An absolutely horrific story comes from Michigan where a 3-year-old died under the care of a night nurse.

The anonymous toddler reportedly had medical conditions that required special needs, one of which being a breathing tube that rests in her trachea. 42-year-old Judith Maria Sobol was a home health nurse hired by the parents of the child to care for her overnight, as she needed 24/7 assistance.

The parents, who wish to remain anonymous, allegedly walked into their little girl’s room to find her and Judith lying on the ground. They immediately noted their daughter’s breathing tube was nowhere to be found and called police around 2:30 in the morning on Monday. It was also reported that the nurse stayed lying on the ground mumbling while the father tried to perform CPR on the toddler. The parents allege the nurse was “in no state to help out”.

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When police arrived, they found both parents inside the little girl’s room. The father was continuously performing CPR on her. It’s unsure how long she had been unconscious at this point, but officers report the child “appeared blue”. Once EMTs arrived, the girl was rushed to Spectrum Lakeland Hospital in Watervliet for treatment. At the hospital, her missing breathing tube was found tangled in her hair. When asked, Sobol said it must have become disconnected and that she might have “passed out or fell asleep” before she was able to reconnect it.

Tragically, the 3 year old succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead at 4 that morning, an hour and a half after police were called. Heartbreaking…

An investigation was opened in regards to the child’s death. It’s obvious that the little girl was failed by the nurse who was supposed to be watching over her, but what police found was even worse…Judith was allegedly high on meth!

The police chief of Coloma Township said in a press release Wednesday:

“Through an investigation, the officers found out that was the registered nurse that was supposed to care for the child throughout the night. After the investigation was completed, we determined that she was high on methamphetamines and should not have been in care of that child.”

WTF! And that’s not even the worst part — Sobol ADMITTED to the crime!

According to WNDU, the nurse confessed that she was responsible for the child’s death because she was “not in the right state of mind to be at work” and “should have never come to work at all”. She also confessed to “shooting up” meth before showing up to work — FOUR DAYS IN A ROW!

Yep, for 4 days leading up to the 3 year old’s tragic passing, Judith allegedly showed up to work high on methamphetamine. How did the parents not know something was off?! Did they not notice their daughter’s caretaker was high on something?! Judith was arrested and booked into Berrien County Jail with a $500,000 bond. She reportedly had a container of meth and two crack pipes on her when she was patted down. She is currently awaiting trial. Her court date is scheduled for June 29.

What an awful situation for that poor child. May she rest in peace.

[Image via Berrien County Sheriff’s Department]

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