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Moby Continues To Defend His 'Consensual Romantic Involvement' With Natalie Portman -- Using 'Ample Photographic Evidence'!

Moby posts photos that support his romantic fling with Natalie Portman

Moby really, REALLY wants y’all to know that he was indeed once romantically involved with Natalie Portman — and he’s got the pics to prove it!
The 53-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday to again defend his claims of dating the Oscar-winner in 1999, when she was about 20 years old and he was 33 or 34.
The alleged fling, which Moby detailed in his new memoir, Then It Fell Apart, sparked some controversy (and ridicule) when Portman was asked about it and said she recalled it more as the Grammy-nominee creeping on her for a few weeks when she was 18 — not 20, as Moby claimed — and fresh out of high school.
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The actress’ denial caused the musician to double down on his claims Wednesday in a social media post, where he accused her of “actively [misrepresenting] the truth.”
Apparently, that wasn’t enough to get the critics off his back — so Moby wrote a more detailed post the following day, and included some “photographic evidence” to support his claims that they, in fact, “briefly dated and then were friends.”
As you can see in his post (below), this photographic evidence includes several snaps of the duo from around the time the Bodyrock artist alleges they were in what he calls a “brief, innocent, and consensual romantic involvement.”
One picture shows a shirtless Moby with his arms around a young Portman as they appear to be backstage at a concert. Another pic shows them dressed up at a fancy event, while a third shows them posing with a cake at what looks like a concert venue.
The energy between the two seems to be pretty platonic to us, so we’re not sure whose account this actually supports. But one thing’s for sure: Moby is insisting he’s telling the truth, and that his well-being is now suffering because of Portman’s “lies.”
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In the lengthy post, the electronica artist went on to reveal that the drama has caused Nat’s fans to start sending him “anonymous threats of violence,” which, in turn, have started to affect his “business” and “health.”
While Moby insisted he has nothing but respect for his (alleged) ex and wants to take the “high road,” he feels that he has no choice but to clear his name so people stop thinking of him as a creepy older man who hung out in teenager’s dorm rooms.
Who do U believe? Scroll through the musician/restaurateur’s post (above) to see the receipts — and sound off in the comments (below)!
[Image via FayesVision/WENN]

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