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Monica Garcia Exposed For Running Gossip Account About RHOSLC Co-Stars In Jaw-Dropping Season Finale!

Heather Gay Exposes Monica Garcia In Jaw-Dropping RHOSLC Finale

Move over, Jen Shah! The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has a brand-new villain taking your crown!

For weeks, fans have been teased all season long that Heather Gay learned some shocking information about one of her co-stars during the finale. It became clear that said information involved fan-favorite newcomer Monica Garcia, as the cast has been on the outs with her ever since filming wrapped. Many have thought it had something to do with Heather and her med spa company, Beauty Lab + Laser, suing Monica over an alleged missed payment.

However, it turns out that the missing payment scandal only scratched the surface of what Heather discovered about her co-star! We finally learned why the cast of RHOSLC turned against Monica during the season finale — and your jaws are about to be on the floor! Buckle up, Perezcious readers!

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While on a group vacation to Bermuda for Monica’s birthday, Heather received a phone call… and some shocking news about the rookie reality star. She quickly called a meeting with the original cast members of RHOSLCWhitney Rose, Lisa Barlow, and Meredith Marks — to discuss what she uncovered. The big reveal? As Heather put it to the group:

“Monica is not who she says she is. She’s not our friend. She’s someone that has schemed and worked to infiltrate our friend group. And the name that you all know her as, the woman whose birthday was celebrated, who we’ve been trying to champion and support and defend is Reality Von (Tea)se.”

The news instantly shocks and upsets the other three women. For those who don’t know the name Reality Von (Tea)se, here’s a rundown! Heather went on to explain that the Instagram account was created more than three years ago and was “dedicated to annihilating and exposing” Jen. It even played a part in exposing the massive telemarketing scheme that sent her to prison for the next five years. However, the page didn’t just target the convicted fraudster!! It eventually expanded to “troll[ing]” Heather, Lisa, Meredith, and Whitney for years. Heather said:

“These were character assassinations, but we never knew who it was.”

Until now! According to Heather, she became suspicious of Monica after witnessing how she handled “sensitive information” about their co-stars’ lives throughout the season. Her suspicions then increased when she discovered there were three Monicas with three different last names with the same birthday as a client at BeautyLab. When the Bad Mormon author called her business partner, she discovered one of the Monicas owed the company a lot of money.

After a blowout argument over Monica and Meredith receiving gossip about Angie Katsanevas via DMs, Heather decided to get to the bottom of things. She reached out to her hairstylist Tenesha, who was a close friend of Monica’s in the past. And Tenesha “came clean” about everything, even sending screenshots and evidence exposing Monica as Reality Von (Tea)se!

And Heather wasted no time in confronting Monica over the matter! While Monica denied her involvement with the account at first, she eventually confessed she helped out and even posted videos she recorded of Jen while working for her at the time. However, she insisted she never posted anything about the other women. Monica accused Tenesha of being in charge of the account. But it wasn’t just Tenesha and Monica running the page. She added in a confessional:

“Von Tease was never just one person. It wasn’t just me, there were several other humans involved. But, bottom line, our mission was to take down Jen. The other women were just collateral damage.”


The women were not happy about the matter — at all. And no one could blame them! Monica allegedly helped with an account that bullied them and then grew close to them! How else were they supposed to react? Eventually, a massive argument exploded at the dinner table, with each of them screaming at each other. Lisa shouted at one point:

“You f**king deceived all of us!”

Monica, on the other hand, felt Reality Von (Tea)se wasn’t a “bad thing” as it was used to tell “the truth” about Jen. However, no explanation could fix the situation. The five women understandably wanted nothing to do with her anymore, and she was told to leave. Monica said in a confessional:

“I more than anyone know that nothing stays in the dark and everything comes to light. I knew that this information would come out. Even Gossip Girl couldn’t stay Gossip Girl forever.”

This isn’t the end of the story, though! She then teased that she had a lot more to expose about the situation — and the women! Unfortunately, fans won’t hear the rest until the three-part reunion airs. We certainly cannot wait to see what else Monica will reveal. Reactions to the shocking episode, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments below…

[Image via The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City/Peacock]

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