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Mo'Nique SLAMS 'Raggedy Bitch' Oprah Winfrey In Slur-Filled Rant Reigniting Feud!

Mo’Nique SLAMS ‘Raggedy Bitch’ Oprah Winfrey In Slur-Filled Rant Reigniting Feud!

Mo’Nique still ain’t a fan of Oprah Winfrey!

The Prankers alum reignited her feud with the former talk show host by going on a wild rant about Oprah during her latest stand-up show! In a video obtained by TMZ on Wednesday, the comedian was on stage as an opener for Katt Williams when she WENT OFF about the “raggedy bitch.” Damn! She yelled:

“I love that Black raggedy bitch. I love that Black simple-minded motherf**ker. I love Oprah Winfrey’s Black ass and we just need to bring her back to Black.”

She then tried getting the crowd to chant along with her, asking them to yell, “f**k you, Oprah Winfrey, f**k you, Tyler Perry” and call the A-listers “c**n motherf**kers.” Jeez! While some played along, others were understandably hesitant to join in on the crude rant — and she called one of ’em out!

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The performer asked an audience member named Melvin if they were a “fan” of The Color Purple star, and when the answer was “yes,” she clapped back:

“OK, well I’m not apologizing for a motherf**king thing I say.”

She went on to suggest Melvin hook up with Oprah to bring her “back to Black.” Elsewhere, Mo’Nique argued the OWN network founder and her bestie Gayle King are more than friends, saying:

“Every time you see f**king Oprah, you see f**king Gayle. Best friends is what they say. I’ve never seen best friends like that … Who is loving Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King? Each other.”

Well aware she was saying some controversial stuff, the Precious star insisted she wasn’t scared to speak her mind “out loud,” adding:

“I’m too motherf**king old to be scared of this bitch. I’m too old to be intimidated by this bitch. I’m too old to hold the motherf**king truth! You know why I f**k with Oprah Winfrey, Melvin? Cause that bitch tried to f**k with me privately. Well, I’m a public bitch. You try to fuck with me behind closed doors, bitch, open the door up. Ding dong! Imma let your motherf**king ass in.”


Ch-ch-check out the unhinged rant (below):

She really let it all out!

If you didn’t know, Mo’Nique has been feuding with Oprah (and Tyler Perry) for years, claiming they got her blackballed from the industry by allegedly spreading rumors about her — hence the dig on the 70-year-old talking about her “privately.”

Also, the The Queens of Comedy alum is particularly upset that the Super Soul Sunday host “betrayed” her by interviewing her brother, who admitted to molesting her as a kid, on her former talk show. More recently, she’s even annoyed the media mogul has started to get roles that were originally offered to her. So, yeah, it’s been messy as hell for a while now, but this latest standup segment kicks it up a whole new notch! And it proves Mo’Nique isn’t backing off this feud!!

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[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/Club Shay Shay/YouTube]

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