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Morgan Wallen's Ex-Girlfriend Rehoming Dog After It Bites Their Son's Face!

Morgan Wallen's Ex-Girlfriend Rehoming Dog After It Bites His Son's Face!

Morgan Wallen‘s son Indigo was bitten on the face by his mother’s dog — and now, the pooch is being rehomed elsewhere.

KT Smith, Morgan’s ex and the mother to the former couple’s nearly 3-year-old son, had adopted a Great Pyrenees dog named Legend a little over a year ago. But sadly, something went horribly wrong on Sunday, and the dog bit Indigo in the face!

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KT took to her Instagram Stories with a long series of videos on Monday to confirm the incident, which happened at her Tennessee home. She reported Indigo was rushed to the hospital to get stitches to deal with the bite. Thankfully, beyond a little bit of scarring, it sounds like the boy will be fine in the long run. Still, what a scary ordeal…

In her long series of IG videos posted about the incident, the country crooner’s ex first said of Legend:

“Yesterday, he bit Indigo in the face, and he had to have stitches. We spent the morning in the emergency room. And since then, we have been looking for options. I just couldn’t bring myself to do what everyone else says, and what you’re supposed to do, apparently.”

She went on to add that she did not want to put Legend down after the incident. Instead, she was hoping that some family somewhere around Nashville could come forward to take the dog:

“What the world tells you to do is put the dog down, because they are aggressive. I’ve gone back and forth with that, and I knew he does not deserve that, because he is wonderful. He could do really great with a family that doesn’t have small children, and maybe just has, like, a lot of land, and won’t be crawled over, and stuff like that.”

KT then added:

“I don’t want him to go to a kill shelter, either, and shelters are full, so I figured I could ask you guys if you knew of anywhere that wasn’t a shelter. I don’t think he deserves a shelter, either, because he came from trauma being left on the side of the road for months.”

Ugh. So sad.

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Amazingly, she then gave out her work cell phone number on her public Instagram account.

Knowing she would attract a lot of unwanted attention for it, the concerned momma explained that she simply cared too much for Indigo and Legend not to do it. Harassment aside, she just wanted the best for each of them no matter what:

“If anyone is in the Nashville area or surrounding, and is able to give him a home today, I know that is a huge ask, but please send me a text. … He does need to have a new home before Indigo gets home.”


She shared multiple pictures and videos of Legend on her IG Stories while trying to find a place for him to live, as well:

Morgan Wallen's Ex-Girlfriend Rehoming Dog After It Bites His Son's Face!
The worried momma was desperate to find the dog a new, safe, healthy home. / (c) KT Smith/Instagram

What a beautiful pup.

In a later video, she also confirmed Indigo is “OK” and will be dealing with “minimum” scarring now in the days after the scary incident:

“Indigo is OK. His scar will be at a minimum. He did have stitches, but he’ll be OK.”

Then, thankfully, good news came very late on Monday night. In an update, KT confirmed that Legend has been adopted out to a new family that lives in exactly the kind of set-up she was hoping for: a rural location with lots of outdoor space.

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She wrote in a new message:

“just wanted to update you guys but also thank you all for all of the help and support. we just dropped legend off with the sweetest family where he will be living out his full potential and best life on a farm.”

And she continued:

“i couldn’t have asked for a better family for him to be loved on by and they’re east tennesseans so we can visit any time we need to. thank you guys again, for helping but for also crying with me and lifting me up.”

Morgan Wallen's Ex-Girlfriend Rehoming Dog After It Bites His Son's Face!
KT updated the world late on Monday with some good news. / (c) KT Smith/Instagram

Thank goodness for that, at least. Honestly, everything sucks here. It’s obviously traumatic to have a loved one bitten by a dog — especially a small, defenseless child. And it’s equally heartbreaking to give up the dog you’ve fallen in love with in a situation like this. Ugh.

At least it sounds like Legend will live out the rest of his long life in a place that is perfect for him. Here’s hoping for the best for everyone involved!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN/KT Smith/Instagram]

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