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Mormon Mommy TikToker Reveals 'Soft Swinging' With Friends Is Causing MULTIPLE Influencer Divorces!

Mormon Mommy TikTok Star Taylor Frankie Paul Soft Swinging Divorce Cheating Scandal

Who would have thought Latter Day Saints could bring the sexy relationship scandals like this??

Like us, you may not have been aware there is a niche community on TikTok for Mormon mommy bloggers. But thanks to Taylor Frankie Paul, the whole scene has been revealed as a den of do-si-do sexual experimentation that has led to the destruction of her marriage — as well as others!


OK, let’s rewind. Taylor is a popular influencer in certain circles. The 28-year-old and her husband Tate Taylor (yes, making her married name Taylor Taylor) are supposedly devout Mormons who share two young children together. She made her name showing off the sexy side of that clean living, showing off her workouts, her bikini bod, mommy tips, marriage secrets, all of it. But the biggest secret she kept under wraps… until now.

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Taylor says she and Tate became what’s called “soft swingers.” That’s where couples have an open marriage BUT in a sort-of PG-13 way. They’re allowed to make out with other people, but no sex. Also, they have to be present in the room. She says they’ve been at it a while and have each made out with several other people.

Look, it sounds hot as hell, but if you’re thinking it’s asking for trouble you wouldn’t be wrong. Because trouble is exactly what they got!

The Mormon momma announced she and Tate are getting a divorce after over six years together, writing in a since-expired Instagram Story:

“The last eight days have been the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Been grieving and mourning with family and friends the loss of my family not being together anymore. Tate and I are divorcing, however, I always love him deeply, however it’s what’s best for us. Long painful road ahead but I’m hopeful it goes up from here.”

In a series of recent Tiktok livestreams spilling exactly what’s going on with her now-estranged hubby, she revealed the dark underbelly of her Mormon mommy friend group — many of whom are ALSO influencers!

She says her hubby was the one who instigated the divorce because SHE broke the rules — and had sex with a friend at a party. Apparently while she was hard swinging with this Mormon daddy, Tate was also hooking up with the guy’s wife. But she was the one who breached the covenant by letting another man into the holiest of holes.

So… what’s going on with this other couple?? That’s the thing. Because they’re so open about everything on social media, pretty much everyone they hang out with is in the public eye, too! And according to Taylor the fallout is huge!

@taylorfrankiepaulthis trend has impeccable timing♬ Brujeria – ur/gf

She says at least THREE couples are actually getting divorced amid this “big friend blowup”! Damn. Seems, in retrospect, like having parties where everyone swapped spouses wasn’t such a great idea after all. While she said she “didn’t want to bring any names into this” it’s a little late for that. Other well-known couples in the Utah influencer circle include:

  • Conner and Whitney Leavitt
  • Chase and Miranda Hope McWhorter
  • Samuel and Camille Munday
  • Brayden and Mckenna Rowley
  • Selver and Victoria Zalic

Rumors have been swirling that Taylor hooked up with Brayden and Tate was hooking up with Mckenna. No one has confirmed the identity of the other couple, but as Taylor said in one video:

“No one is innocent. Everyone has hooked up with everyone in this situation.”

Whoa. (She later released a video, apparently at the request of Chase and Miranda, to say it wasn’t them and they aren’t swingers at all.)

Surprisingly, Taylor clarified that the divorce is not “all because of” this key party catastrophe.

“It was more ’cause I feel like we had a lot of other issues and then this was the tip of the iceberg.”


Like we said, this is WILD stuff coming out of Joseph Smith country! We’ll keep you up to date on any other dirty deets Taylor decides to spill!

[Image via Taylor Frankie Paul/Instagram.]

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